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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

How To Put eJuice In A Vape - eJuice.Deals

How To Put eJuice In A Vape

You’ve finally decided to get into the wonderful vaping! You bought a great mod, got freshly charged batteries, purchased some delicious ejuice (hopefully from our site!), and you’re ready to go! But now you have all of these items in front of you, you have no idea what to do next! Loading e-juice into your new tank might seem intimidating, but it’s really quite simple once you know what type of tank you have. Let’s figure out which tank you have and how you can load that up. But first, let’s start from the beginning and make sure your setup is ready to go. 


Make sure your batteries are properly loaded and fully charged. Most batteries come from the manufacturer completely dead, meaning you’ll need to charge them before you use them. Once your batteries are fully charged, pay close attention to which side of the battery is which. Incorrectly loaded batteries can be very dangerous, leading to smoking or even explosions in some cases. Many Smok mods will have a red plus sign (+) for the positive side and a blue minus sign (-) for the negative sign. After you’ve loaded the batteries, you can power up your mod. Sometimes your mod might ask if you’re using a new coil, to which you can select yes if you’ve never used this coil before or no if you’re using the same coil. You can check your ohms by looking at the packaging or directly on the coil. Verify that the numbers match on both the coil and the mod, and you’re ready to load e-liquid in your tank! 


It’s been a common practice to prep a new coil before you take the first hit. There are many ways to do it and some might even seem a bit silly. The most popular way of prepping your coil is to drop a bit of your preferred vape juice on the wicking ports of your coil (the side of the coil that has exposed cotton) and the top of the coil where you can see the cotton circles (either 1, 2, 4, 6, or 8). Once the cotton has seeped into your coil, you can screw it into the base or the top of your tank. Some new tanks (like Smok’s V2, TFV16, etc.) only require you to press the coil into the base, where the tank clicks into place and is held stable by suction pressure. Then you can fill juice into your tank until you’ve reached the top of your tank (we’ll go over how to fill your tank shortly). 


One widely argued method is if you should swivel the air vents closed and then suck juice into the coils (without pressing the firing pin) in order to better saturate the coils with juice. I used to do it but then found it didn’t make much of a difference; rather, I leave the tank alone for about 5-10 minutes to let the cotton naturally soak up the juice. After the waiting period is over, I start out at about half of the recommended wattage and take my first few puffs. Then I gradually increase my wattage by 7-10 watts per hit until I reach my desired wattage. I’ve found that this allows my coil to gradually get broken in instead of firing right from 0-150W and allows me to really taste the flavor and see what wattage is best. 


Tanks come in several different options. The older models used to be filled by unscrewing the top of the tank and filling juice around the chimney. Other newer models came out with a fill port that was located directly in the tank’s top, accessed by either pushing or swiveling the tank to the side. O-rings were usually located around this fill hold to create an air-tight seal. Still others now come with an o-ring located directly underneath the tank’s top, making it easier to fill the tank with your favorite e-liquid. One thing you should be very careful about is to not mistake the center of the vape (usually a gaping hole where air passes through the chimney, hence the name) for the fill port. It’s okay if you get a little bit of e-juice in there, but if you accidentally fill the chimney hold, it’s best if you remove the coil and rinse out the tank completely to avoid a messy sticky tank and mod.


Changing flavors is something that is expected when you’re new to vaping and want to figure out what flavor of vape juice you prefer. You can even try using an RDA to figure out flavors you like without having to constantly refill your tank. If you’d rather stick with your current sub-ohm tank, just make sure that you rinse out your tank (after you remove the coil) to avoid getting a weird mix of vape juice flavors. It’s also a good idea to sanitize your tank every couple of fill-ups, as dirt and dust can build up in your chimney and around the crevices of your tank. Simply fill a container or cup with extremely hot water and let the tank sit for at least half an hour, then rinse it and allow it to dry before filling it up again. 


And there you have it! Some common practices for filling your tank with e-juice. There are many other methods that people use, but these are the ones that I’ve used for several years without any issues. Vaping has a difficult learning curve that turns many people away from it, but that’s the point of all these articles! Here at, we want to make vaping simple and easy as a transition for cigarettes, cigars, or whatever method of nicotine delivery that you use. If you have any specific questions or topics that you’d like covered, let us know in the comments below! We welcome your questions and concerns and will do our very best to make sure you’re taken care of. Now that you’ve learned how to put ejuice in a vape, you can check out our huge selection of e-liquids that literally come in all types of flavors! Our favorites range from fruits, dessert, breakfasts, tobaccomenthols, and so much more. We’ve tried literally everything on our site and can easily recommend a specific flavor to fit your profile. We occasionally post up reviews of some of our favorite brands, so make sure to check back in often to see what flavor might be right for you! As always, vape happy my friends and may your tank be forever full and your clouds forever fluffy and flavorful! 

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