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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

“Help! My Teeth Turned Brown After Vaping This One eJuice!” - eJuice.Deals

“Help! My Teeth Turned Brown After Vaping This One eJuice!”

Hey guys! Welcome back to the blog! Today I’d like to share one of the stranger things that’s happened to me in my cloud chasing experiences: tooth discoloration. To this day, I still can’t figure out why this happened or how to prevent it. But I do know it was one of the weirdest experiences I’d ever gone through, and I’d like to share that with you today!


I was on a peach flavor kick at that time, snapping up various fruit and candy e-liquids as I found them, trying to find the purest most authentic taste. To my delight, I found this one brand called Pop! that carried an ejuice called Peach Gummies. The flavor was very similar to the real thing, offering delicious sweet fruit and smooth candy clouds with every puff. I remember being obsessed with this ejuice, using it consistently every time I needed to fill up. That’s a rare thing for me, as my taste buds get bored and demand the excitement of a different flavor.

As I was in the midst of filling up my tank yet again with this flavor, I had a friend of mine walk up to me and tell me my teeth looked funny. Perplexed, I asked him what he meant. He told me that it looked like my teeth were stained a dark brown, almost black, and wanted to know what happened. I raced to the bathroom mirror and gazed horrified at my discolored teeth. I was able to take a paper towel and scrub some of it off, but the stain still remained on my front two teeth. Only after brushing my teeth did the dark stains go away completely.

Crisis averted, I started backtracking to figure out what could have caused this. I didn’t have any tomato sauce, grape juice, or curry, so it couldn’t have been caused by food. I wasn’t wearing dark clothing that I could have accidentally rubbed against my teeth. There was only one possible explanation that remained: my vape! But never having had this issue before, I had to try to figure out if it was the actual juice itself, the coil being burnt, or the way I was vaping.


I’ll be honest, I go through quite a bit of e-juice in a day. And I’m not particularly steady with a specific brand, as I like to try a little bit of everything. I’m not even dedicated to finishing one bottle before I start another flavor, which means I’ll have at about 3 or 4 bottles of opened e-juice in my purse at any given time. I examined all of the current bottles I was using, and realized that all of the e-liquids I had were ones I had used before...all but this one called Peach Gummies by Pop! was the newest one that I had tried. It was the first flavor of that brand that I had tried, and I was very much in love with the flavorful clouds.

I suspiciously eyed the bottle and wondered if this tasty e-juice could be the culprit behind my temporarily stained teeth. I rinsed out my tank, made sure my teeth were no longer brown, and filled up my tank once again, this time with concern that my new favorite all-day vape juice might actually be harming my pearly whites.

Sure enough, in a few hours, the brown stain was once again evident on my teeth. I was crushed at the thought of giving up my new favorite e-liquid, and decided before I made my decision to get rid of it, I’d check out one last thing: my coil.


Oftentimes, many vapers puff on their coil well-past its useful life span. Whether they are being thrifty, conserving as many coils as they have, or not realizing the flavor isn’t as yummy as it used to be, some vapers hang on to coils for weeks (sometimes months!) at a time. The cotton in the coils turns black and crusty, resulting in a dry hit or diluted flavor.

I myself have frequently clung to a coil, wanting to extract every bit of usefulness from it. I thought that perhaps my coil had indeed turned black, and that’s what was staining my teeth. I checked my coil and discovered that while it wasn’t black and crusty, it could have used a changing. I quickly swapped it out for a clean fresh coil and I went back to puffing the problematic e-liquid, thinking that my dental vape troubles were over.

I eagerly blamed my coil for my discolored teeth and chalked up the discoloration to small black coil particles settling onto my teeth from the vapor. You can imagine my shock when a few days later, the same thing happened! My front teeth were an ugly brown and it looked ghastly whenever I grinned or laughed. Chagrined, I realized that despite the fantastic taste and smooth flavor, I could no longer safely use this e-juice.


I wore myself out trying to figure out all the other reasons that my teeth were so susceptible to stains with this particular e-liquid. I wondered if my tooth enamel might be damaged and that’s what had caused the brown stain. Or perhaps the whitening strips I had used a few months prior had weakened my teeth and made them more susceptible to staining. Lastly, I wondered if it was that particular batch of juice that had a staining element, so I waited a few months and bought the same flavor from a different website. Yet for every possible solution, I always came back to the same flavor...I sadly came to accept that this juice could no longer come in any contact with my vape or my teeth.


Vape juice comes in literally every flavor imaginable. Some common everyday flavors you come across also pop up in e-liquids, such as fruits, desserts, or even tobacco. There are even some gross flavors that made it into the e-liquid world, such as black pepper, beer, energy drinks, and even hot dogs! Unfortunately, one of the best tasting peach e-liquids I ever tried ended up making my teeth turn brown. I’ve looked up this issue on some of the vape forums, and there are other e-liquids that cause tooth staining and discoloration as well, although they’re not always directly named. I know I’ll never try all of the vape juices available on the market, but sadly, Peach Gummies by Pop! is one I know I won’t be able to enjoy anymore.

I’ve tried to convey how much I enjoyed this particular vape juice, and in no way am I bashing the company for making an inferior product. I just wanted to share my experience with this particular vape juice. Has anything like this ever happened to you? Let me know in the comments below! If you have an opinion on why this happened or how it can be prevented, please feel free to drop a comment and pass along your knowledge! I always love to hear from our fellow vapers. Check out our next article entitled, “3 Reasons Why THC Has Ruined The Vaping Industry.” Until then, browse through our huge selection of e-liquid at unbeatable deals and discover your new all-day favorite vape juice!

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