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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Grapefruit Gust by Tropic King eJuice Review - eJuice.Deals

Grapefruit Gust by Tropic King eJuice Review

The king of the tropic e-liquids has landed right in our review today, ready to reign supreme over fruity vape lovers everywhere! Today we’ve got a juicy fruit vape juice called Grapefruit Gust by Tropic King, which boasts a trio of freshly squeezed fruits in a single bottle. Tropic King is a subsidiary of Drip More eJuice; we carry several of their other brands like Candy King, Cookie King, and Milk King. We’ll be reviewing several e-liquids from those brands as well, but for now, let’s focus on this grapefruit vape juice that could turn into your new all-day favorite!


Before doing this review, I clicked on some of the reviews from the actual DripMore site to see what previous customers had to say. I found that Grapefruit Gust was rated extremely low (three 1-star ratings) which struck me as odd. Most of the DripMore e-liquids are met with rousing success and with such a unique flavor like grapefruit, I was stumped as to why the ratings were so low. I read in both reviews that the tank’s o-rings disintegrated, swelled up, and were rendered completely useless while using this particular e-juice. One reviewer also stated that the glass actually cracked and juice leaked everywhere.

I’ve never heard of such a thing, so I checked a few other sites that sell this e-liquid, and to my shock, even more people confirmed this. But then I remembered something from months ago when I first tried this e-juice. I had just gotten the new Smok G-Priv, a beautiful magenta color with a huge touch screen. The matching tank’s o-ring was on the top of the tank, and IMMEDIATELY after using this e-liquid it swelled up to the point that I couldn’t even close the swivel top. At the time, I chalked it up to being a defective vape and sent it back to the company I bought it from. Reading these reviews made me realize that the tank itself may not have been defective, but the juice might actually be the culprit.

In light of this, I’ll review the e-liquid cautiously but fairly. I usually describe the unboxing, fillup, and taste test in my reviews, but I felt like this disclaimer was something that should be mentioned. I’ve never heard of this happening with any other vape juice, but perhaps the acidic grapefruit flavor reacted poorly with the rubber in the o-ring. Whatever the case may be, proceed cautiously with this e-liquid. Again, there’s a chance that nothing will happen when you can vape this flavor, but with several vapers complaining about this issue, it’s something to be aware of. And now, if I haven’t scared you away completely, let’s get right down to the unboxing!


Grapefruit Gust is the first in a trio of e-liquids from Tropic King that promotes an emphasis on the grapefruit...hence the name! The 100mL clear plastic bottle comes in a colorful cardboard box that displays the same information on the bottle’s label, so we’ll go over the actual e-liquid label in great detail.

The label was wonderfully well-done, with bright and colorful designs throughout the label. The Tropic King logo was displayed front and center, with the name of the e-liquid displayed in smaller font and size. I had to squint to see the other three flavors in this e-liquid, but noticed that the words for the flavors matched their respective fruit colors. The word grapefruit was colored a pale pink, guava was colored a light green, and strawberry was a lush red. The actual fruits were displayed as well: a ruby red grapefruit and fresh guava were sliced in half, alongside a sunkissed strawberry. A bold banner at the bottom warned that this product contains nicotine, and that nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The right side of the logo listed various warnings: allergy, age requirements, and a stern warning not to consume the e-liquid. There was also the number for poison control, something that usually isn’t even thought of, but it was a professional courtesy. There was a hashtag on the side for all social media pictures, as well as the company website and headquarters location. On the left side, there was an extensive ingredient list (which also listed the VG/PG ratio of 70/30), sale prohibitions outside the US, and other warnings. The nicotine content was also listed (3mg) alongside various warning icons. Lastly, on the bottom of the bottle itself, I was able to find an expiration date and a batch number. I noted that on the DripMore website, it was listed for $25, but you can save quite a bit by purchasing the same bottle from us here for only $11.99! That wraps up our extensive review of the unboxing. Let’s dive right into the fillup section of this review!


As we mentioned before in the unboxing, the 100mL bottle is completely clear to allow you to see the e-liquid’s color and consistency. The bottle comes with a childproof cap that unscrewed easily (although the plastic tab underneath the cap came off in my hand). I was pleased to note that the label left a good bit of space between the edges to show the remaining e-liquid level. The e-liquid’s color was a medium yellow (due to the 3mg of nicotine) and was very watery. Even a light tap on the bottle had the liquid sloshing around as if it really were water! This concerned me a little because when an e-liquid’s consistency is that thin, it can easily burn the coil. The consistency was also a bit worrying, as I could see some separation bubbles trapped in the e-liquid, similar to when a drop of water is mixed with olive oil.

With the child-roof cap removed, I was pleased to note that the fill-tip was slender to allow for quick and mess-free fillups. I was stunned to detect a strong grapefruit scent within seconds after removing the cap, especially since it was resting on my desk a good two feet from my nostrils. The scent was mouthwatering and sweet and deliciously fruity. I filled up my tank quickly and observed that the liquid became slightly thicker than when it was in the bottle. It’s a good thing they say not to drink the e-liquid, because the scent made me crave a grapefruit so badly I wanted to see if it tasted as good as it smelled! I must say that the use of food grade flavored extracts was an excellent move, as it smelled nearly identical to the actual fruits. And now that we’ve covered the fill-up, let’s check out the actual taste test!


Grapefruit Gust by Tropic King is succinctly described on the DripMore website as "Grapefruit - Guava - Strawberry." I would have liked to see a little more description, seeing as how they obviously took pleasure in the details of the label. But sometimes short, sweet, and to the point works better than a lengthy paragraph. I took my first hit of the e-liquid and was delighted to taste an immediate and overpowering flavor of grapefruit. The grapefruit was sharp and tangy, much like the real fruit. The flavor of citrus on my tongue was powerful and I almost wished for a spoonful of sugar to soften it up a bit! Then the softness of the guava came through and the tart citrus flavor gave way to a smooth and sweeter taste. I really didn’t taste an exact flavor of strawberry, but perhaps it got lost due to the strength of the grapefruit and swift sweetness of the guava. The throat hit was smooth and pure, and I was able to take several puffs to satisfy my nicotine cravings without coughing or burning my throat.

Sadly, the first few puffs were really the only times I was able to enjoy this fruity e-liquid. The more I tried it, the more unbearable the grapefruit flavor got and it almost started to taste soapy and bitter. I know that grapefruit is a very tough flavor in the actual fruit, but the harsh citrus flavor seemed to grow stronger with every puff. I tried leaving it alone for a few moments and then coming back to it to see if it was as bitter as I remembered. Every time I found myself taking fewer hits of this vape juice, wishing the grapefruit flavor wasn’t so harsh. I noticed that the strawberry flavor came through more on the exhale, right in the last few seconds. But overall, I was glad when my tank was finally empty and I could try out another vape juice.

This was very upsetting to me, as I love fresh grapefruits in real life and wish that more vape juices could make an accurate representation of them. This was a vape juice I genuinely wanted to like and use, but the bitter and soapy flavor was a huge turn-off. The more I vape it, the more I wished that the grapefruit flavor wasn’t so strong. It does say “grapefruit gust” as the official name, and boy, were my taste buds blown away! If you’re an avid lover of the real fruits, you might actually enjoy this grapefruit flavored e-liquid. The addition of guavas and strawberries in the flavor was a wise one, as I can’t imagine how harsh this grapefruit flavor would be without other fruits to soften it up. The scent of the clouds isn’t as harsh as the actual taste, so it’s easy to fall in love with just the scent of the clouds. But I’d be lying if I were to say this was one of the best fruit flavors I’ve tried.


This was an extremely challenging review to write for several reasons. Right off the bat, there were concerns about o-rings swelling up and glass cracking from using this e-juice. Then in the fillup, there was the second concern that the e-liquid was very watery and might end up clogging the coils. And then in the taste test, there was an overpowering bitter flavor of grapefruits (much like the actual fruit) that prevented me from honestly recommending this vape juice. But there are so many great things I loved about this e-juice as well! The packaging displayed images of fresh fruit and the entire label was playfully designed. The scent of the e-liquid was tantalizing with the fresh fruit flavor, and the first few puffs really had my taste buds dancing for joy. But the hits that I took towards the end of this review stopped becoming so wonderful and the overwhelming bitterness of the grapefruit had me second guess the awesomeness of this e-liquid.

For those reasons, I’d have to give this e-liquid a rating of 5. I really want it to be higher, and if I could just write the review based off of the first few puffs, this would have been a solid 9. But with all of the negative concerns and the overall flavor, I have to say this wouldn’t be a good choice for an all-day vape. Instead, I would advise you use this e-liquid sparingly. I’d recommend filling your tank with this on a day when you’re looking for a powerful punch of flavor. Once you’ve finished the e-liquid in your tank, you can revert back to your old favorite e-liquid. Again, I’m not trying to deter you from buying this e-liquid because the flavor is bad (because I really don't believe it is). I’m simply warning you what you should expect from this e-liquid whenever you do decide to purchase it. Grapefruit, guava, and strawberry vape juice lovers might appreciate this flavor even more than I did! But I would be remiss if I didn’t inform you of my complete thoughts before posting my review.

Are there any other e-liquid flavors you’ve tried from either Tropic King or DripMore? If you’ve tried Grapefruit Gust eJuice before and you’ve gone through the problem of your o-ring swelling up or your glass breaking, post your story below so I can read it! I’d love to hear from you. If you have any questions or concerns about anything I’ve written in this article, we here at are ready and willing to help! You can shoot us an email, phone call, or message us on social media. We promise we’ll do our best to answer you quickly and efficiently.

Check back with us tomorrow where we post up yet another review on one of my favorite vape juice brands: Custard Shop by Monster Vape Labs! Until then, I sincerely hope this article has helped you make an informed decision on which e-liquid you should try out next! I bid you adieu, in hopes that your tank is always full of delicious e-liquid and that your clouds are stuffed full of mouthwatering flavor!

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