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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Quality Over Quantity: Find the Best Vape Liquid On a Budget - eJuice.Deals

Quality Over Quantity: Find the Best Vape Liquid On a Budget

In 2016, it was estimated that 35 million people were currently vaping. 

With 7,700 flavors of e-liquid, there's bound to be some discussion (and some confusion!) over how to buy the best vape liquid. After all, you are ingesting a substance - you want it to be sure of its safety while maintaining budget friendliness.

What's worse, is that while finding a low-cost e-liquid might be great, you often get what you pay for, resulting in a waste of your money. It can also damage your vaporizer or e-cigarette. So choosing a high-quality vape oil is vital.


How to Choose the Best Vape Liquid

Let's explore ways to find the best quality vape juices without emptying your wallet.



The appearance of e-juice is important to overall quality. A high-quality vaping oil should appear clear, not cloudy. It should also be free of particles, debris, mold, or anything other than liquid. If you purchase e-juice and find anything floating in it, return it immediately or through it out if you are unable to return it. 


Safety Standards

When buying e-juice (especially online) be on the lookout for the company's safety standards. Each company should be transparent about how they create and source their oil. They should also have a customer service number, physical address, return policy, and not shy away from any questions you have about their company.

You should be able to read about experts who specialize in mixing vaping flavors. In addition, they should have no trouble explaining the process of mixing to you so you can know the safety and quality of their product. 


Smell and Taste

Taste is ultimately one of the biggest factors when choosing an e-liquid. Vaping juice that tastes little or nothing like it's flavor should give you concern. If the flavor gives you a burning sensation in your throat, you should take caution and contact the company or throw it out. 


PG/VG Ratio

E-juice is a mixture of many things, mainly water and propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerol (VG) used as a base. 

The ratio of PG to VG is important because it impacts flavor. Most people will stick with a ratio of 50/05 or 40/60. It's all about personal preference.

When choosing a vape juice, make sure it meets a ratio that works for you. 



While it's usually true that you get what you pay for, some online shops of brick and mortar stores sell discounted vape juice. This doesn't necessarily mean that it's low quality. The typical bottle of e-juice can run about $12 for 15 ml.

But if something seems deeply discounted it may be wise to reconsider buying. Always ask questions!


Vape Juice: Buy the Best for Less

Because vaping is increasing in popularity, many companies are capitalizing on the industry. Don't get caught up in a vape juice simply because it's cheap. Your health is a priority!

Buying the best vape juice doesn't have to be difficult. Follow these steps and you'll find a vape juice that works for you within your budget.

Interested in finding the best vape liquid? We've got you covered! Learn more about our high-quality e-juices. 

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