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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Ejuice Ingredients Explained - eJuice.Deals

Ejuice Ingredients Explained

Though we vape ejuice ingredients every day with our vaporizers, not all of us have been informed well enough to know what the actual ingredients are that make up ejuice.  It’s such a simple solution, yet so advanced that it has the capability of savings millions of smokers lives around the world.  For something so incredible, you must read up on this article, not only so that you’re knowledge when it comes to vaping, but also because this is also a product that you’re most likely using on a daily basis.  Take a moment and read below, because this is Ejuice Ingredients Explained.

There Are Only 4 Main Ingredients In Ejuice

If you’re more of a newer vaper, the liquid solution you vape may seem as if hundreds of scientists are in a lab mixing different chemicals together to come up with a liquid that can be vaporized, but that’s far from the truth.  Indeed, most reputable ejuice manufacturers do have certified labs and flavor artists to craft the perfect ejuice blend, but the solution used to create ejuice is rather simple.

In fact, there are only 4 main ingredients that are used, including Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Flavoring, and Nicotine. Each part is used for a very specific reason, and when combined it delivers the perfect vaping experience.

The Ejuice Ingredients Explained

Propylene Glycol:

This liquid referred to as “PG” has a thin consistency, and it’s used in ejuice for several reasons. The first reason that PG is used in ejuice is because it’s known to enhance flavor, working with the flavoring, rather than against it.  It’s also known for creating a harsh feeling to the throat that many vapers desire and experienced as a smoker. This harsh feeling is referred to as a throat-hit. The more PG that is in the ejuice, the more likely you’ll experience a stronger throat-hit.

Another prominent reason PG is used is to help dilute the ejuice, as the Vegetable Glycerin ingredient is a much thicker liquid.  Another thing to note, Propylene Glycol is an organic compound that is commonly used in many products we use on a daily basis, such as ice cream and soda

Vegetable Glycerin: This liquid referred to as “VG” has a high viscosity, meaning it’s thicker than Propylene Glycol.  Since it’s so thick, PG is combined with it to dilute the ejuice.  The VG liquid is known for working against flavoring, decreasing its potency.  However, it’s also known greatly for creating the cloud-like vapor since it has the ability to capture moisture molecules from the air.  When you first inhale the vapor it may not seem like much, but by the time it’s entered your airways and exhaled, it’s expanded in size due to that ability to capture those moisture molecules.  Another thing to note, Vegetable Glycerin is a sugar alcohol compound that is commonly found as a sweetener in liqueurs and even things like cake frosting.

Flavoring: The flavoring used in ejuice has been designed specifically for the use with vaporizers.  There are many types of flavors that are available, ranging from menthol, tobacco, beverage, dessert, candy, fruit, and more.  Since each person has a different taste palette, we aren’t able to say what you will like and what you won’t, so we highly encourage you to pick a flavor that has similarities to the foods, fruits, and beverages that you tend to prefer.  Flavoring is used to enhance the taste of ejuice and offer a better and more enjoyable experience for the user. Flavoring isn’t required in ejuice, although as we said, it doesn’t make it more enjoyable.

Nicotine: The nicotine that is used in ejuice comes in a liquid form, and specially designed to be combined with ejuice to deliver a satisfying experience for the user.  There are several types of nicotine, such as levorotatory nicotine, I-nicotine, and with new developments, some manufacturers are even using a tobacco-free nicotine, which is a nicotine that is obtained from any source other than the tobacco plant. When you purchase ejuice, you’re typically offered a nicotine strength by the vendor.

The most common nicotine strengths used by vapers today are 3MG, 6MG, and 12MG.  However, nicotine strengths are known to be offered up to 24MG, but only used in devices that are less advanced and produce less power.  There are even some vapers that don’t use nicotine in their ejuice, and these types of vapers are referred to as “no-nic” vapers, using 0MG.


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