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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Ejuice.Deals Adds Over 300 New Products - eJuice.Deals

Ejuice.Deals Adds Over 300 New Products

The Ejuice.Deals website has just added over 300 new vape products, along with receiving an entirely new face-lift that will not only give customers more product options to choose from, but will also make navigating the Ejuice.Deals website even easier than ever before. There's a whole slew of new and exciting things happening within the Ejuice.Deals headquarters, and it all started when Ejuice.Deals decided to partner with an extremely reputable company inside the vaping industry. Silence has been key as the details were ironed out. However, it's finally time to unveil what several months of hard work with the customer in mind has generated.

Ejuice.Deals has become quite the force within the online vaping sector, and has quickly grown into the large sanctuary for ejuice that it's become today. Though the site has gained quite the recognition for housing more than 50 different brands, Ejuice.Deals wants to continue to improve by offering even more of the greatest brands and products. Ejuice.Deals has just added over 300 new products to the store, quadrupling in size over night.

Vaping PartsTo bring in the new products, which consists of more ejuice with great prices, the latest and greatest mods, kits, tanks, RDA's, coil's and accessories, Ejuice.Deals has also revamped the entire website, giving it a complete face-lift that will allow customers to navigate the website even easier than before. The site now features a responsive structure, a clean contrasting design, an enhanced shopping cart, top navigation as well as side navigation, and an improved menu system to cover its various new product offerings.

There are several new additions and changes that make up this new major overhaul, but one of the most prominent parts of it all is that Ejuice.Deals has also gained new staff and better service. Ejuice.Deals is now more equipped than ever before to serve its customers with industry leading customer service. But that doesn't quite sum up the loads of changes that are happening. In fact, let us go further into detail by listing additional features.

  1. Shipping and Handling: Ejuice.Deals is now prepared to handle daily orders, with most shipping the same day. We will decide a cut-off time and let everyone know the details very soon.
  2. Orders Are In Stock: No back ordering or refunding for out of stock products. With a state of the art fulfillment center processing orders and a top notch warehousing and inventory system, ordering from Ejuice.Deals will now be a breeze.
  3. Customer Support Team: If you have a question about a specific item, or have any issues with your previous order, you'll have someone that will be ready to answer your questions or handle your issues.
  4. Focused Customer Loyalty: Ejuice.Deals will now focused on customers and their loyalty. With the added products to the catalog, this allows Ejuice.Deals to get creative with deal offerings, and most importantly a much needed loyalty system that's currently being worked on.

As you browse the site over the next several weeks you'll begin noticing new programs being launched into place, such as the loyalty program, daily deals for ejuice, daily deals for hardware, and weekly bundles.

If you're interested in the new products Ejuice.Deals has added, feel free to check out the Vape Juice section and Vape Hardware section where you can find the latest and great vape products from the most popular brands on the market.

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