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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

E-Juice Deals Is Soarin’ For Suorin - eJuice.Deals

E-Juice Deals Is Soarin’ For Suorin

Everyone here at E-juice Deals is thrilled that we continue to be voted as the #1 online shop for vape deals by Vaping Underground.  We continue to impress our new and returning customers with our deep discounted prices on the most popular e-juice brands and flavors, as well as with our expansive inventory of e-liquids, bundle packs, and even sale products.  After all, what’s better cheap e-juice? Cheaper e-juice, of course!

Our founder, Martin Moldonoado, has made it our company’s purpose to provide the most competitive online pricing among the vast community of online e-juice retailers. As a team, we are committed to 100% customer satisfaction and want to reward our amazing customers for making us so successful by offering them rock bottom prices.

The Importance of What We Do

After decades of warnings from the Surgeon Generals of the United States, more and more Americans make the decision to kick the habit of cigarette smoking.  Many people opt to try quitting by switching to vaping. Smoking cigarettes exposes smokers, and non-smokers alike, to thousands of toxic chemicals, especially carbon monoxide, while with vape systems, you inhale vapor that is created by heating the nicotine that has been removed from tobacco.  Hence the name…..vaping.

            The growing demand for vaping products has led to many advances and modifications to vape systems and, frankly, many can be extremely complicated, especially for beginners.  There are three major types of vaping instruments; vape pens, also known as e-cigarettes, vape mod systems, and vape pod systems.  Before committing to any one system, let us tell you what we, at E-juice Deals, are especially excited about right now.

What’s Hot at E-Juice Deals?

We, along with our customers, are really excited and honored to offer the Suorin Air Pod System.  The Suorin Air Pod System has been flying out of here ever since we added this to our portfolio. We 100% stand behind this special vape product as an alternative to smoking cigarettes, as well as a huge step in your journey to quit smoking cigarettes once and for all.

The Suorin Air is a portable vape pod system that is specifically designed for easy use and convenient portability.  Unlike some of the other vape pod systems on the market that only offer their own cartridges, with a minimal variety of flavors, the Suorin Air is designed to allow vapers to use their favorite e-juice and nicotine salt flavors.

The popularity of the Suorin Air System is likely due to its sleek and stylish design as well as its outstanding performance.  The Taiwanese company Foxconn is the brains behind the Suorin brand.  Foxconn is considered to be one of the world’s largest electronics manufacturer as well as one of the largest IT companies by revenue.  Each of these vaping devices is carefully and methodically created to provide the best vaping experience out there. 

The Details

The Suorin Air System features a draw activated system.  This means that once the Suorin Air is turned on, it is activated by simply inhaling.  Other, more complicated vape systems, such as vape pens or mod systems, require you to press a button while inhaling.  The Suorin Air is powered by a 400 mAh internal, rechargeable battery that charges conveniently with the included USB cable. 

Your favorite e-juice or nicotine salts can be dispensed into the Suorin Air System’s replaceable cartridge that holds 2ml of e-juice or salts.  The pod’s heating coil gives 1.2 ohm resistance, and the coil itself can be replaced simply by inserting a replacement cartridge that absolutely will not leak. 

Everything You Need in One Click

E-Juice Deals has just what you need to begin your Suorin Air obsession with our Suorin Air Pod System Vape Kit. This kit includes one Suorin Air Ultra-Portable System in a variety of colors, but hurry because the fun colors like Key Lime and Rose Gold are selling out fast.  The sleek and ergonomic system is an all-in-one system that conveniently fits in your pocket.  The kit also includes one refillable, easily removable, air pod replacement cartridge that holds 2ml of e-juice or nicotine salts.  Also included with the kit is one micro USB charging cable that will fully charge the Suorin Air Pod System in 40 minutes.  Finally, our Suorin Air Pod System includes a handy user’s manual that will walk you through set up, use, and will answer frequently asked questions.  All of this can be yours for only $17.99!  That is 64% off the regular retail price of $49.99!

To browse and learn more about our full inventory of Suorin Air products, head on over to E-Juice Deals today!

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