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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Discover 4 Stress-Free Ways To Help You Find Your New All-Day Favorite Vape Juice - eJuice.Deals

Discover 4 Stress-Free Ways To Help You Find Your New All-Day Favorite Vape Juice

One of the singular most stressful things for a new vaper, as well as us experienced vapers, is what e-juice flavor to choose. Hundreds of brands, thousands of e-liquid flavors, and a wide variety of nicotine options. How can you possibly sift through them all? Not to mention who has time to be perusing e-liquid flavors for hours. Cloud chasing is a wonderful hobby, but finding the perfect e-juice is a lot harder than you might think!

For new vapers who aren’t as experienced with which brands and flavors might best suit them, choosing an e-liquid is a constant source of stress and anxiety. In this article, we'll go over four different strategies that might take away some or all of this stress and anxiety. I'll mention my personal favorite, but in the end, you'll have a much better idea of how to find your perfect e-liquid flavor without wasting hours of your day. Let's get started! 


Just like Netflix and Hulu, there are actually subscription services for vape juice! Two of the most popular vape subscription services are VapeBox and Zamplebox. These are a great way to figure out your ejuice preferences, as they offer a huge selection of nic-salts, tobacco, menthol, fruits and dessert flavors all for a monthly price. You can build your profile of flavors you’d think you’d like, but the only downside is you’ll be relying solely on someone else to choose your e-liquid flavors. Each box will have new flavors for you to try out, but you won’t know which ones until you get the box. If you like surprises, this is a great way to immerse yourself in new flavors and new brands.

There were so many options to explore about these subscription services that we couldn't fit it all into this post! In our next article, we’ll explore this vape subscription service in more detail, including which one we think is better. In the meantime, feel free to check out both of the vape subscription websites and see if that's something that might be something you'd be interested in!


Back when I started vaping a few years ago, there weren’t any e-juice subscription services. I was restricted to hitting up local vape shops to score some free samples of e-juice that looked good. And these free samples weren’t something I had much say in because they were already loaded into a vape tank. If there was an e-juice I liked, I’d have to try it in store and only with 0mg of nicotine. A disposable drip tip was given to me for each tank filled with e-juice to try. However, many times that e-liquid wasn’t fresh and it had started to turn brown. Other times the flavor of the e-liquid tasted different in 0mg than the 3mg of e-juice I would buy, since 3mg was my preferred nicotine level.

The “free samples” became the target of government legislation arguing that allowing people to try e-juice before buying them encouraged young people to start vaping. In order to combat this, vape shops started charging $1 for people wanting to try out different flavors. Certain stores would only charge you $1 and let you try out as many samples as you liked. Other stores would charge $1 per vape sample tried. Even though it was only $1, this act was successful in turning people away from checking spending even more money in store.

Since vape juice was already cheaper to purchase online, most people would spend $1, figure out what they wanted, and then buy it online. To combat this, I would spend the $1, buy a small bottle of e-juice if the guys in the store were friendly, and buy other bottles of e-juice online. It’s not the same as spending all my money in the store, but it did make me feel better to be supporting the vape shop and rewarding them for my troubles. Checking out vape stores was also a way to make new vape friends and it was great to know a vape shop that had good flavors if my current supply ever ran low before my online order arrived.


Online vape reviews are by far one of my favorite methods of buying a new bottle of e-juice. Here at, every single bottle of vape juice is reviewed by customers who have bought that particular e-liquid. For the most part, these vape reviews are usually with a sentence or two, usually mentioning they like the flavor and thanking us for fast shipping. This is great if you’re in a hurry and just want something quick to confirm you’re making a good purchase.

If you’re wanting something more in depth, you can always check out our blog and browse through our plethora of vape juice reviews. Each week, I review anywhere from 3-5 e-liquid flavors, ranging from fruits and sweets (my personal faves) to desserts and menthols. I review everything, from the packaging to the long-term flavor. I love to be as descriptive as possible, so you’ll notice the reviews are about a thousand words or so. I’d recommend reading these e-juice reviews if you have some time on your hands and want to make an informed decision before buying your new bottle of e-liquid.

There’s also a number of online vape reviewers on various social media platforms: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. These vapers often have experienced e-liquid palates and can accurately describe the initial flavor of the vape juice in great detail. They often have guest reviewers, so you can get multiple opinions of a single e-juice in a few short minutes. I recommend this option if you’re wanting a well-rounded review from several different vapers, as some of these reviews are quite famous.


Lastly, we have an option on our site called “The Mystery Grab Bag.” I love this option because it makes your next e-juice delivery a surprise, without signing up for a subscription service. It also eliminates hours of online browsing, allowing you to focus on your day. There’s a few options that you can choose from listed below:

  • 60ml For $6.99 - 1x60ml
  • 100ml+ For $11.99 - (at least 100ml of ejuice) combination of 100ml and 120ml bottles
  • 200ml+ For $18.99 - (at least 200ml of ejuice) combination of 100ml and 120ml bottles
  • 300ml+ For $23.99 - (at least 300ml of ejuice) combination of 100ml and 120ml bottles

If you choose the 100mL, the 200mL, or the 300mL, you’ll get a surprise combination of brands and sizes, all adding up to the specific quantity you choose. For example, a 200mL bottle can give you two 100mL bottles, a 120mL and a 100mL, or two 120mL bottles. Whatever option you choose, you’ll be getting the minimum amount of milliliters in the size option you’ve chosen.

You can also put a note in the order explaining your preference. For example, you can request that no tobacco flavors be sent, or that you have a preference for vanilla flavored desserts. We’ll do our best to accommodate those requests, depending on what we have in stock at that time. This is a great way to explore different e-liquids on our site, all without breaking the bank!


We understand that finding a new vape juice can be a frustrating and time-consuming ordeal. Many of us experience anxiety while trying to figure out if an e-liquid’s flavor description is the same as the e-liquid’s taste. These four options look to ease that anxiety and make the discovery of your new e-liquid favorite as smooth as possible. If you’re curious about any particular e-liquid, you can always reach out to us via social media, phone, or email. Ask us questions about our experiences with a specific e-juice, our personal favorites, and any possible recommendations we might have for you. We promise to give you our unbiased opinions and suggestions.

Here at, we’re more than just a website with incredible e-juices at fantastic deals. We’re here for you and we look forward to welcoming you in our vaping family! Check back with us tomorrow when we upload our article on vape juice subscription services and whether or not they’re right for you! As always, we hope that your tank is full of pure and delicious e-liquid, and that your clouds are puffy and full of mouthwatering flavor!

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