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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Dinner Lady Summer Holiday Cola Shades Review - eJuice.Deals

Dinner Lady Summer Holiday Cola Shades Review

Vape e-juice literally comes in every flavor imaginable. From weird flavors like black pepper and bacon to fan favorites like creamy vanilla and warm strawberries, there’s very few flavors the e-liquid world has not seen. Today we’ll be reviewing a very unique flavor: a tall glass of fizzy cola, complete with ice cubes! You’re probably wondering how such a flavor is even possible, as cola has a distinct taste and ice cubes are just frozen water. This is one of Dinner Lady’s newest lineups: Summer Holidays. Summer Holidays contains an extensive list of flavors like lychee, mango, strawberry, black currant, and cola. The secret is each one is mixed with a delicious taste of cooling menthol. As a vaper who really doesn’t care for menthol, quite a few of these have become my newest all-day favorites. We’ll explore each of them in detail and see why Dinner Lady’s Summer Holidays are some of the best summer vape flavors you can buy. Let’s dive right into the review and see why this flavor might just be your newest favorite flavor!


It goes without saying that all e-liquids and devices are intended for 21-year olds (and 18-year olds in some states). Make sure this bottle is kept out of reach from small children or underage adults. The e-liquid comes in a slender 60mL plastic bottle. The bottle’s plastic is a dark brown but the e-liquid is clear, with a slight yellowish tinge due to the 3mg of nicotine. I assume the bottle is brown to imitate the dark brown color of cola.The bottle’s label is brown as well and wraps around the bottle, but leaves just enough room on the side to let you see how much e-liquid left in the bottle. It clearly states that this product contains nicotine, and that nicotine is an addictive chemical. One thing I loved is that the expiration date is clearly marked on the side of the bottle, right near the barcode. We mentioned in a previous article why expiration dates on e-liquid are so important; you can check out that article here. The VG/PG level of this e-liquid is 70/30, as are most of Dinner Lady’s e-juices.


The cap was easily unscrewed, something that’s not always the case with childproof caps. I’ve had bottles that I simply could not unscrew, no matter how hard I struggled with it, and had to use various tools to open the bottle. The fill-tip is slender and durable, allowing tanks of all shapes and sizes to be filled up quickly and without mess. I was able to fill up my TFV16 tank surprisingly quickly despite the thin fill-tip. As we mentioned above, the liquid was clear with a tinge of yellow from the 3mg of nicotine. I tilted the tank in several angles to observe the way the e-liquid moved around. The e-liquid had a consistent viscosity and moved easily around in the tank. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being super watery and 10 being extremely thick/sludgy, this e-liquid ranked right at a 5. I felt like the liquid’s color and consistency were perfectly suited to keep the coils soaked, without clogging or burning the coils. One thing I absolutely loved was the scent of this flavor. It smells identical to a freshly poured glass of cola, dark and sweet. If I closed my eyes, I could have easily mistaken the e-liquid scent for an actual glass of soda. I was eagerly anticipating my first taste of this e-liquid and proceeded to take my first hit of this mysterious cola flavor.


Sometimes it helps to know what flavor you’re supposed to taste before you take your first hit. This definitely helped me with my first puff of this flavor. Because I already knew it was supposed to taste like cola, that’s exactly what I tasted. However, if I had blindly tried the flavor, I would have been hard pressed to figure out what it was. I loved how the taste of cola was very strong on both the inhale and the exhale. If I held the vapor in my mouth for just a few seconds, the taste of the vapor was so similar to the actual beverage on my tongue that I almost wanted to swallow the clouds like the drink! The menthol is somewhat faint but it leaves a minty sensation right after the exhale. It’s so easy to imagine that the menthol is the ice cubes that gently clink in your tall glass and I will admit the first few puffs I took had me falling in love with it. However, the scent is where it gets a bit weird. If you’ve ever had chocolate flavored vape e-juices before (Truffleberry Delights by Milkman is a great one), then you’ll understand what I’m talking about when I say the scent is very sweet and heavy...and it lingers. There were several times where I used this vape and people wrinkled their noses and asked what I was vaping, as if the vape smelled gross or unpleasant. I simply couldn’t understand what the issue was. To me the flavor of the vapor as well as the scent were sweet and well-rounded in flavor. I had no problem vaping a full tank of this e-liquid and never had any issue with the taste or the smell of the vapor.


Overall, this wasn’t a bad e-juice; in fact, it was surprisingly delicious for the icy cola flavor it’s advertised as. I will say that I wasn’t really a big fan of this vape because I’m not a big soda drinker. If I ever have soda, it’s usually once a year for a Fourth of July picnic or mixed with some Jack Daniel’s liquor at a bar. But for a vape juice, this was surprisingly on point. The flavor was crisp and sweet, the clouds were puffy and fresh, and the menthol wasn’t overpowering or harsh. If I had a craving for soda and didn’t have any available, I feel that this would satisfy my urge for the sugary beverage (but by all means, please don’t drink this or any other vape juice!) Have you tried this e-liquid? What are your thoughts on this tasty treat? If you’re curious to see how this beverage vape juice measures up to the real thing, check out Cola Shades eJuice by Dinner Lady Summer Holidays and keep your taste buds satisfied with the sweet taste of refreshing cola and chilly ice cubes!

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