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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Dinner Lady Summer Holiday Black Orange Crush Review - eJuice.Deals

Dinner Lady Summer Holiday Black Orange Crush Review

We’re back at it again, this time with Black Orange Crush from Dinner Lady’s Summer Holidays ejuice collection! Dinner Lady was never a brand I thought I’d fall in love with, as I wasn’t a big fan of their dessert flavors. But with their delicious new Summer Holiday lineup, I’m wonderfully surprised with how much I’ve enjoyed these flavors. You can check out my previous review of the Cola Shades here, but today we’re going to review a citrus fruit and ice combination that quickly became my favorite out of the entire lineup. Let’s check it out now!


Dinner Lady’s eliquids used to come in a painted glass bottle that was impossible to tell how much juice you had left, making it frustrating to try to figure out when it was time to reorder. Sometimes the dropper couldn’t reach those precious few drops of e-liquid at the bottom and you had to tilt the bottle to your tank’s fill port. And sometimes the dropper wouldn’t suck up as much juice as it should have, leading to a very time consuming fill-up that would often leave me frustrated. This slim 60mL bottle, however, was made of clear plastic. A calming lavender-colored label wrapped around nearly all of the bottle, but left a small space just big enough to see how much e-liquid was left in the bottle. The label stated that this product contains nicotine and nicotine is an addictive chemical. Although the label did have an expiration date on the side, it was faint and barely legible. If you’ve never heard of expiration dates on e-liquids, you can check out our article here and see why those are important on your e-liquid. But since this e-liquid was such a delightful flavor, I polished it off much earlier than the expiration date recommended (I finished the 60mL bottle about a week after I received it). The e-liquid has a VG/PG ratio of 70/30, just like many of Dinner Lady’s e-liquids. Now that we’ve gone over the appearance of the liquid, let’d dive right into the review of the fillup!


I was able to unscrew the child-proof cap easily, which isn’t always true of some vape bottles. I liked that the fill-tip was very thin and easy to insert right into my tank’s fill-port. There was literally no mess and a few squeezes was all it took to completely fill up. Even though the e-liquid was stated to have 3mg of nicotine, that also was comopletely clear. The liquid sloshed around smoothly, with the consistency being the perfect balance of not too watery and not to thick. The consistency of the liquid was a perfect balance between watery and thick, almost like olive oil. I did notice however that once in the tank, the liquid had a faint yellowish tinge over time. I’ve mentioned in a previous article why vape juice can change colors: either to caramelizing in the tank or the vape juice oxidizing over time (which you can read here). SInce this e-liquid was sweet and fruity, I imagine the sugar content in the vape juice eventually caramelized and began to stain the remainder of the juice in the tank. The scent of this flavor was soothing and sweet, making me wish I had the actual fruit in front of me! Once my tank was full, I eagerly took my first pull and was completely blown away by the sheer punch of delightful flavor.


The flavor is described on Dinner Lady’s website as “Blackcurrants, oranges and koolada.” Personally, I’ve never had black currants before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I didn’t taste anything but menthol on the inhale, but the exhale was absolutely delightful. There was a smooth and fruity flavor mingled with citrus and the slight cooling sensation of menthol at the end. The scent of the clouds was delicious to inhale while taking a deep hit of the flavor. I had to resist chain vaping this flavor because it was so good. Vaping the entire bottle of this was easy and it made me want to try the actual fruit to see if the real thing was as good as the vape juice. The menthol was soft and easy to inhale, unlike some menthol flavors that overdo it with the icyness. Even after I had fully exhaled, I was left with a tingling sensation near the back of my throat where the menthol once was. I wouldn’t change anything about this vape juice. The menthol was smooth and rolling, the orange citrus was subtle and not overpowering, and whatever black currants taste like in real life can’t compare to the delicious flavor of this vape juice. I was skeptical to try this vape juice at first, but it’s now become my all time menthol/fruit favorite. If you had blidnfoled me and had me try this flavor, I would never have imagined that black currant was the major flavor in this e-liquid. The menthol was easy enough to guess, and the orange citrus hit more on the aftertaste, but it was tricky to find just where the black currant ended and the orange started. My guess would be right on the exhale


Before I had tried this e-juice, my favorite menthol flavor was Flip Flop Lychee (which I’ll review next time!) because of the pure flavor of lychees in both the taste and smell. Black Orange Crush knocked me off my feet with the delightful flavor of two flavors in a single puff, followed by a refreshing taste of menthol. I loved how the menthol wasn’t overpowering and how the two flavors complimented each other perfectly. I loved this flavor so much that it was the only flavor I used for a solid 4 days. I ran out of it so quickly and was extremely disappointed when I reached the end of the bottle. I bought this flavor as a last minute decision and now I wish I’d stocked up on more of it! If you’re a fan of fruit flavors and are looking for a tinge of menthol, this summer refresher vape juice is hands-down one of the best vape juices I’ve ever tried. Have you tried this vape juice before and have something to say about it? Drop a comment below and let us know! If you’ve tried this or any of the other Dinner Lady Summer Holiday vape juices, post up your experiences and share it! As always, may your clouds be forever flavorful and your tank forever full! We hope to see you in our next blog post soon!

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