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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Choose the Right Nicotine Dosage for Your Vape Juice

Vaping is becoming a popular alternative to cigarette smokers. Vaping is safer on the lungs and doesn't contain even a fraction of the harmful ingredients that cigarettes do.

If you're trying to quit smoking by switching to the vape, you're probably wondering which nicotine strength to choose.

This depends if you're trying to quit or just want to switch to a healthier habit. Vaping mechanisms are also different than cigarettes, so it's important to know those differences.

If you're new to vaping, here's how to choose the nicotine vape strength.


Nicotine Vape Strength: It's All in What You Want

The best advice to remember is the nicotine vape strength should signify what you want out of vaping. Here are some common scenarios and how to choose the nicotine strength.


Habit Smokers v. Party Smokers

Cigarette smokers can be placed in two categories: habit smokers and party smokers.

Habit smoking is what it sounds like-these cigarette smokers are addicted to cigarettes and formed a habit. They smoke multiple cigarettes a day, even a pack or two.

Smoking cigarettes interfere with their lives and are damaging their health.

But party smoking, or social smoking, is something slightly different.

These are cigarette smokers who either never formed a habit or previously had a habit and quit but now only engage in occasional cigarette smoking.

They're called "party smokers" because they only smoke when they're at a party, are drinking alcohol, or are with friends who also smoke cigarettes.

When vaping, the nicotine strength you need depends on what kind of cigarette smoker you were previously.

Habit smokers obviously should use a higher nicotine level. They will decrease the levels if they want to wean off cigarettes, which we will mention later in this article.

Party smokers switching to vaping need only a light or moderate amount of nicotine. This will give you a slight nicotine buzz but won't be too intense.

Party smokers may not even need nicotine. Some smokers enjoy smoking something while they're drinking and out with friends. If they have no nicotine addiction, it's recommended they smoke e-juice without nicotine.


Weaning off Nicotine

Many cigarette smokers switch to vaping because they're trying to quit cigarettes. Rather than choose a low or no nicotine e-juice, it's best to vape the highest nicotine percentage and wean yourself off.

After every fourth or fifth e-juice cartridge, go down a nicotine level. You'll feel a difference, but it won't last. Keep doing this until you feel comfortable smoking no nicotine e-juice.


Quit Smoking Today!

Any cigarette smoker will tell you quitting the habit is difficult. That's why many former cigarette smokers are now vaping.

If you're following the movement, you should know which nicotine vape strength you need to quit smoking and enjoy vaping.

If you never smoked or barely smoked, you only need light or no nicotine. But former smokers should start with strong nicotine and decrease the nicotine levels.

Are you looking for e-juice? We sell e-juice with different nicotine levels in many flavors and different sizes.

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