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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Choco Cream by Cookie King eJuice Review - eJuice.Deals

Choco Cream by Cookie King eJuice Review

Hear ye, hear ye! The king of the cookie-flavored e-liquids is here and we’re delighted to introduce you to him! Today we’ve got an intriguing dessert flavored e-liquid that we can’t wait to try. Choco Cream eJuice by Cookie King is our flavor of the day, and we’ll be going over everything in this review, starting with the Unboxing and ending with my personal favorite, the Taste Test! As an avid lover of cookies in real life, I’m excited to check out this proclaimed chocolate and vanilla creme cookie. Let’s begin!


Cookie King eJuice actually has three cookie-flavored e-liquids. Here at, we actually carry quite a few other “King” flavors that you can check out on our site. Candy King, Tropic King, Milk King, (and several other menthol versions as well) all fall under the DripMore company. Dripmore is famous for producing high-quality and full-bodied flavor e-liquids, and I’m very excited to go over everything for Choco Cream in this review!

We’ll start out with the unboxing. I absolutely adore the packaging, as it seems to tell a story in just the graphics alone! The background of the graphic shows an astronaut floating in space, drifting closer to the moon. The astronaut’s face isn’t visible through the helmet, but you can see a thick chocolate sandwich cookie stuffed with sweet and creamy vanilla cream right where the face would be.

The top flap of the box shows the name of the e-liquid (Choco Cream) along with the nicotine content (3mg). The top of the box shows the company tagline, “Drip with us,” along with the Cookie King logo displayed in the center. I loved that the o’s in “cookie” were replaced with fat chocolate chip cookies and that there was a chef’s fluffy hat right on top of the word “cookie.” The e-liquid flavor “Choco Cream” was listed directly below the Cookie King logo in a playful easy-to-read font.

There was a huge warning banner on both the packaging and the bottle that states how this product contains nicotine and that nicotine is an addictive chemical. The left side of the bottle’s label stated various warnings, sale and age restrictions, and the e-liquid’s ingredients. I found it interesting that food grade VG, PG, and flavorings were used in the creation of this e-liquid. I also saw that the VG/PG level was 70/30, something that isn’t mentioned anywhere else on the label. On the right side of the label, there were allergen warnings, the number for Poison Control, the company website and hashtag, and the company’s headquarters. The expiration date and batch number were located conveniently on the bottom of the bottle.

One thing that baffled me about the packaging was that the statement below the e-liquid name read, “a fruit flavored e-liquid for vaping.” Last I checked, cookies are NOT fruits, and this was obviously a dessert-flavored e-liquid. I thought it might have been a typo, so I consulted the company website. However, I saw this same type directly on the DripMore website’s product image, so I’m not quite sure why they chose to label a dessert e-liquid as fruit flavored one. But as we all make mistakes, I think it’s safe to chalk that up to human error and move on. Which we will, right to the Fill-Up!


Choco Cream by Cookie King comes in a childproof 100mL chubby gorilla bottle. The cap unscrewed easily and was very easy to fill up, thanks to the slim fill-tip. I did note that aggressive squeezing on the bottle sides would cause the e-liquid to flood and spill onto the side of my tank’s walls, so just be patient (unlike me!) when you’re filling up. The color of the e-liquid was a dark amber, much like southern sweet tea. The consistency was very watery, despite being a dessert vape juice, and sloshed around the bottle very fluidly.

I could smell the e-liquid even as I filled up my tank, and I held the bottle close to my nose to get a better idea of what this delicious smell was. My initial thought was that is smelled like marshmallows and chocolate, thanks to the thick and syrupy scent. I thought I detected a bit of vanilla custard as well towards the end, but it was a very sweet and tantalizing smell that I couldn’t wait to try.

Once in my tank, the e-liquid looked a lot lighter in color, not at all like the dark amber color in the bottle. . Perhaps it was a trick of the light or the shape of the tank that made it look different. I also noted that the e-juice consistency was quite a bit thicker too, making me wonder if this e-liquid would clog my coils over time, but several customer reviews confirmed that it was gentle on their coils. I’m always very careful to note consistencies, because many e-liquids can negatively affect your coil’s cotton once it’s used over a period of time. Now that we’ve thoroughly exhausted the unboxing and the fillup, it’s time to check out the taste test, my favorite part of any e-liquid review!


Being an avid lover of chocolate flavored e-juices as well as actual cookies, I was very much looking forward to trying this e-liquid. Once my tank was full, I took my first hit. I immediately felt a warm and sweet cloud fill my mouth on the inhale that tasted faintly of crunchy sandwich cookies and vanilla. But, OMG, there was a full-blown flavor party on my taste buds once I exhaled! I detected a strong flavor of rich chocolate, followed by a creamy vanilla taste. I also thought I tasted a faint wisp of marshmallow too, but perhaps that was just the combination of the chocolate and the vanilla.

My favorite part of this e-juice was the re-inhalation of the exhaled clouds through my nose (also known as the reverse waterfall). The scent was so deliciously sweet! I definitely detected a thick and creamy vanilla smell that was marvelous to inhale. The throat hit from the 3mg of nicotine was strong and satisfying. I didn’t need more than a single hit to pacify my nicotine cravings, but I did notice a stronger throat hit after repeated hits, so be careful not to chain vape this flavor or you might get an unpleasant burning in the back of your throat from the nicotine.

The e-liquid had a very distinct dessert taste to it and was a true delight to vape. I filled my tank three times with this flavor and used it over three days. The flavor never faded or lost its sweetness due to continued use. I was delighted with the strength of the cookie flavor as well as the satisfying throat hit from the nicotine. A lot of descriptions I’ve read for this e-liquid compare it to a chocolate and vanilla creme sandwich cookie, but it was really more of a chocolate and vanilla flavor than an actual duplex cookie. But it was a deliciously pure flavor that I was very happy with and can easily recommend for all-day use.


Choco Cream eJuice by Cookie King was a wonderfully flavorful dessert e-liquid that impressed me with the strong sweetness and wonderful cloud scent. The only thing that threw me was part on the label that said it was a fruit flavor. This vape juice had a rich and creamy taste that was definitely sweet, but could never be mistaken for a fruit flavor. I loved the creativity in the label design and even though the e-liquid was dark color with a watery consistency, I was very happy with the overall e-juice. I’d rate this flavor as a 9 out of 10, simply because the confusion with it being a “fruit flavor” when it’s obviously a dessert e-liquid. I also got more of a marshmallow taste than a vanilla taste, but it was a rich and creamy taste that delighted my taste buds and had me taking multiple hits just to retaste that sweet and creamy flavor.

On the Dripmore website, I noticed that the e-juice is listed for $25, but you can buy Choco Cream eJuice by Cookie King on our site for only $14.99! Definitely check out the rest of our Cookie King lineup (DVNK eJuice and Lemon Wafer) which we’ll be reviewing in the next few days. Have you tried anything from the Cookie King vape juices? Let us know in the comments below! This authentic-tasting e-liquid flavor deserves to be tried by cookie lovers across the country, and we’d love to hear your thoughts!

If you have any questions about this or any of the other e-liquids we have available on our site, be sure to reach out to us via email, social media, or by phone. Here at, we're more than just a website with awesome prices on your favorite vape juice. We’re here for you and want to make sure your experience with us is a pleasant one, so don’t be shy! Check back with us tomorrow for our next article on Strawberry Honey Graham eJuice by Cookie Twist! Until then, we hope your tank is full of delicious e-liquid and that your clouds are puffy and full of flavor!

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