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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

eJuice 101: Changing eJuice Flavors in a Vape Tank Without Aftertaste - eJuice.Deals

eJuice 101: Changing eJuice Flavors in a Vape Tank Without Aftertaste

With hundreds of vape flavors to try, why would you want to stick with just one? That said, mixing chocolate cookie flavored juice with melon twist probably isn't your idea of a great flavor.

Never fear! Keep reading to learn our best tips on how to change flavors in a vape tank.


The Easy Way to Switch Vape

If you're the adventurous type and don't mind trying untested mixed flavors, keep vaping the new flavor until the old one fades. The new flavor will dominate the old causing a subtle mix. For example, using chocolate cookie and switching to mint might not be so bad.

If mixing is not for you and you insist on pure unadulterated flavors, the coil and tank need cleaning.


How to Change Flavors in a Vape Tank

To clean your vape tank, unscrew it from the e-cig and pour any remaining juice out. Put a drop of dish soap inside and rinse the tank with hot water. The hot water and soap will help break up any oils and residue inside.

Make sure to rinse well and wipe with a towel. Afterward, leave the tank to dry for at least five minutes, making sure it's completely dry. You don't want water mixing in with your juice.

Note: when cleaning out your vape tank, make sure not to get water in the base of the tank, this means taking it apart to separate the tank components. We want to rinse out the glass part and not anything else.

Once it's dry, refill with vape juice. One last step -- put a little e-juice on your finger and run it around the seal on your tank.


Coil and Wick Cleaning

Since the coil is where the juice gets burned, residual traces of flavor accumulate inside the vape coils. If you want a complete refresh of flavor, changing your coils is a must. If you use RDA or RBA with a custom coil build, all you have to do is change your cotton wick.

Coils need changing about every two weeks, so if you change juice flavors when you do routine coil changes, there's no extra cost! Coils are not that expensive anyway.

What if you changed your coil last week and don't want to toss a newish coil? Simple, put that coil in a zip-lock bag labeled with the flavors name. Next time you decide to vape that flavor again, switch back to it.

After changing your coil, prime it and wait at least five minutes before vaping and trying out that new flavor. The priming and waiting period gives the cotton wick a chance to get saturated with juice.


Extra Tanks

If you're the kind of person who likes to alternate between your favorite juice flavors, why not buy a few extra tanks? Having flavor dedicated tanks will save you from having to waste juice and clean them with flavor changes.

What's the Bottom Line?

Learning how to change flavors in a vape tank will save you from suffering through horrible tasting mixes afterward. It's not hard to do once you know how.

Looking for some fun new flavors to try now that you know how to do it right? Check out creative flavored vape juices on our blog. Don't settle for ordinary.

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