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Can Vapes Explode? - eJuice.Deals

Can Vapes Explode?

It’s been a constant fear for vapers around the world to wonder if their vape devices will explode. There are some videos on YouTube that show horrifying clips of vape devices exploding in pockets, catching on fire, or smoking for seemingly no apparent reason. What could possibly be the cause of a device that somehow spontaneously combusts? Today we’ll look at ways to prevent your vape from exploding or catching fire, as well as possible reasons why this might happen.


While we’re not entirely sure the exact cause of exploding vape devices, evidence suggests that the rechargeable batteries used in vape devices are to blame. These specific batteries are high powered and require specific charging methods depending on the device. Some of the devices (like JUUL) have internal batteries, while box mods like Smok and Vaporesso utilize external rechargeable batteries. These batteries are best charged using an external charger, but the devices come with a microUSB cord that you can simply hook up to a wall charger and charge that way. There are a few ways that your vape can explode due to improper battery use. Let’s check out a few of those now and how to prevent them.


One of the easiest ways to accidentally activate your vape device is in your pocket. It’s so easy to stuff your vape in a tight pocket or cluttered bag and forget about it. However, if your device isn’t locked, it can easily lean against something that depresses the trigger, causing the device to activate. Pressing the trigger too long can make the batteries get extremely hot, possibly sparking a fire or causing the batteries to melt. If your device comes with a locking option (usually pressing the firing pin 3 times will lock it), make sure you never leave your device locked when you’re putting it in your pocket. Most vapes also come with a built-in overcharge protection feature, but make sure yours does before you buy it. Don’t try to turn off these features or remove them entirely. You run the risk of permanently damaging your device, and most box mod setups can go for $100+ in brick-and-mortar vape shops. .


If you do happen to own a device that requires external rechargeable batteries, make sure you have a plastic case to store them in. Many vape shops provide you a case free of charge when you order batteries, but even if they don’t, you can easily find them online for less than $5. Plastic cases might seem a little bulkier in your jeans pocket or tiny clutch purse, but proper protection of batteries is extremely important. If the batteries ever came in contact with metal keys, loose coins, or random metal items in your pocket/purse, there’s a chance the electrical charge would cause the batteries to smolder, melt, or even spark. Plus, the plastic case can help keep you more organized.


This might seem like a no-brainer, but you shouldn’t leave your device unattended when you’re charging it. Also, if you’re using the included microUSB cord to charge your device, don’t let it charge overnight without disconnecting the charging cable first. While yes it’s true that many devices come with overcharging protection, it’s better to play it safe and keep an eye on your device. Also, every box mod comes with a charging cable. Use it. Don’t borrow cables from your other devices, such as your phone or tablet charger. The New G-Priv actually utilizes the same USB-C port that Samsung Galaxy phones do but just because you can do it doesn’t mean you should! Also, make sure the area you’re charging your device on is clean and flat, and far removed from any combustible items. For example, leaving your device on its side behind a couch pillow is a big no-no. Someone could easily sit on it and activate the firing pin without realizing, or crush the glass tank, resulting in an unusable device.


Keep your vape device away from places you know have water, like bathrooms and shower stalls. Avoid bringing your vape to places like amusement parks, water parks, or concerts, as your device may get unexpectedly soaked and you’ll be left without a vape. Vape batteries aren’t like a phone battery. You can’t just put the vape on a bed of rice and expect all the water to magically vanish. If your device does happen to get wet, remove the batteries carefully and allow your device to dry. Don’t try to keep the batteries by letting them dry as well, even if you just bought them. There’s no way to safely save batteries that have gotten wet.


Your batteries are extremely sensitive to temperatures, either cold or hot. If you take your vape with you while driving, make sure to keep it out of direct sunlight. It’s convenient to leave your vape in the cupholder of your car, especially if you do a lot of driving. But it’s also easy to forget it there and leave it overnight in freezing temperatures or boiling sunlight. The vape could easily overheat (or freeze) and cause extreme danger to yourself and others. If you still insist on leaving your vape in your car, at least remove the batteries and take them with you (using a plastic battery case) or store them in a cool dark place.


This goes without saying, but make sure you use the proper batteries when it comes to your device. Don’t use Duracell or Energizer batteries just because they might look the same. Most vape mods use one, two, three, or four 18650 batteries, and they’ll usually cost around $20. Don’t mix and match brands, use batteries that are at different charge levels, and don’t mix new and old batteries together. All of this might seem like a “Duh!” moment, but if you read it now, you may remember it later. Make sure your batteries are loaded properly in the correct position of your vape before turning the device on.


This may have seemed more like a Do’s and Don’ts article for your vape mod, and in a sense, it was. Batteries are extremely volatile and need to be treated carefully. Improper charging, flippant use, and unnecessary tampering with batteries can definitely cause a vape device to explode. Just take a few extra moments and make sure your device is safe to use before operating. The last thing you want to do in a public place is start screaming that your vape is on fire and you’ll wind up on the news for being an unsafe vaper. Do you have any other helpful tips for maintaining safety around your device and batteries? Have you ever been in a situation where your vape started smoking, burning, melting, or exploding? Tell us what happened so we can be more mindful not to make the same mistake. As always, stay safe out there, fellow vapers! May your tank always be full of delicious e-liquid and may your clouds always be smooth and flavorful!

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