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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Blueberry Custard eJuice by Custard Monster Review - eJuice.Deals

Blueberry Custard eJuice by Custard Monster Review

Good blueberry vape juices are hard to find, but when we find them, we make sure to review them ASAP! That’s the case with one of our newly found favorites and soon-to-be-available e-liquids called Blueberry Custard from Custard Monster! Custard Monster is one of several brands under the parent company Monster Vape Labs (Fruit Monster, Jam Monster, Ice Monster, etc.), which we sell quite a few of on our site! I’m pretty sure I have a few other Monster Vape Labs e-juices in my vape juice cabinet, so I’ll be sure to review those right after we finish up with this one! For now, let’s check out the unboxing, the fillup, and of course, the taste test!


Blueberry Custard by Custard Monster is one of three special flavors in the Custard Monster Lineup. I’ve already reviewed the Strawberry Custard eJuice (which you can check out here) and was blown away by the delightful fruity flavor of the strawberries and the sweet creaminess of the custard. I’m hoping that the same is true for this one!

The Blueberry Custard eJuice comes in a blue cardboard box that has a wonderful design and uses playful fonts. The picture on the front shows a handful of blueberries being washed away by a splash of custard. On the right side of the box you can see the different percentages that make up the e-liquid flavoring, something I absolutely loved. What other brand tells you that the flavor is made up of 75% custard and 25% blueberry? Those numbers also come up in the VG/PG ratio. While most brands stay at the popular 70/30 VG/PG ratio, Monster Vape Labs decided to be stubborn and go slightly off the beaten path by having their vape juice at 75/25 VG/PG. The back of the box shows the customary nicotine warnings as well as the brand’s slogan: “Custard so good, it’s scary.”

On the left side of the box, you can see the other two flavors offered by Custard Monster (Strawberry and Vanilla), as well as Custard Monster’s social media outlets and website. The website is extremely well done and even shows how every bottle of vape juice is professional and efficiently packed up and shipped out. Definitely check out their site here when you get some time! Monster Vape eJuices go for around $26.99, but here at, we’ve slashed that price all the way down to $14.99, a monstrous discount that you won’t want to miss!

The 100mL bottle had all of the same information that the cardboard box had, showing the nicotine content right at the top of the bottle. Mine is 3mg, but you can also get 0mg or 6mg if that’s the nicotine level of your preference. Now that we’ve gone over the unboxing, let’s examine the e-liquid scent and consistency in the fillup!


The chubby gorilla bottle was clear with a childproof cap that was easy to unscrew. The blue label wrapped nearly all the way around it, but still left enough room to see how much e-juice remained. The color of the vape juice was a dark amber, very similar to organic honey. The consistency surprised me, as it was very watery and moved fluidly with even the slightest shake. Normally dessert e-liquids are slightly sludgy and are the culprit of clogged coils. This one, despite the color, seemed to be safe for all-day vaping and prolonged use without damaging the coil.

The cap was easy to unscrew and it gave way to reveal a slender drip tip that made filling up my tank a breeze. Once in my tank, it looked a lot lighter in color (more of a medium yellow) and had a sludgier consistency. The scent however, was intoxicatingly delicious. The scent carried from the drip tip even before I held it to my nose! Once I had it beneath my nostrils, I gently squeezed the bottle to get a hint of the flavor within. A thick and sticky sweetness pervaded my sense of smell and my mouth began to water at the thought of vaping this treasure. The custard flavor was easily detected, and the blueberry scent was found only when I really concentrated. It was extremely pleasant to smell, so I can only imagine what the actual taste will be like. Let’s check that out now in the taste test!


The website describes Blueberry Custard as a vanilla custard swirled with fresh blueberries. Since the scent of the e-liquid was yummy, I only hoped that the actual flavor did not disappoint. I fired up my vape and took my first puff. The inhale was smooth and buttery, but had a very faint hint of the custard. The exhale is where the flavor truly rested. I could taste a very strong flavor of blueberries. But more of an artificial blueberry flavor, much like blueberry Pop Tarts or blueberry pies from the corner convenience store and not like the fresh taste of blueberry pies. The custard flavor was wonderfully strong on the exhale as well, leaving behind a lingering smooth and creamy flavor on my tongue.

The entire dessert was smooth, creamy, sweet, and a true delight to vape. I enjoyed this e-liquid so much that I used it for several fill-ups back to back. The e-juice kept its fresh and creamy flavor even after multiple pulls. I never got a dry hit and never got a dry mouth like some dessert flavors I’ve tried. The throat hit was smooth and strong enough to satisfy me with a single pull. But the flavor was so good I couldn’t help but take multiple hits just to keep getting more of that sweet and creamy blueberry custard flavor.


Overall, I rate this e-liquid as a 9 out of 10. I was surprised to have such a smooth and creamy vape juice, with a sweet (yet somewhat artificial) taste of blueberries and a noticeable vanilla custard flavor. The clouds even smelled like blueberry custard, so this is a true flavor that actually tastes like it’s described. The flavor profile is accurate and the throat hit was perfect for those needing a satisfying kick of nicotine in a single pull. If you’re looking for a custard and fruit flavor that will easily satisfy you, you’ve got to check out Blueberry Custard eJuice by Custard Monster!

Have you tried any of the e-liquids from Monster Vape Labs, Custard Monster in particular? What are some of your favorite blueberry e-liquids? Let us know in the comments below! It’s always a pleasure to hear from our fellow vapers around the country. If you have any questions about this article or would like us to review a specific e-juice, you can always reach out to us via phone, email, or social media! Even if you’re not that fond of custard flavors, this is one e-liquid you won’t want to miss! Check back in with us tomorrow for another e-liquid review, this time from the beloved Vapetasia collection! As always, may your tank always be full of delicious e-liquid and your clouds be infused with sweet and flavorful goodness!

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