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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

eJuice Deals: The Best Vapor Flavor Options - eJuice.Deals

eJuice Deals: The Best Vapor Flavor Options

Millions of American smokers, as well as non-smokers who have considered smoking cigarettes, are finally heeding the warnings that have been blasted for decades about the health risks of smoking tobacco.  Aside from the health risks to your lungs and heart from all of that tar and carbon monoxide, smoking cigarettes takes a toll on your physical appearance as well.  Your nails, hair and skin start to become yellow, your teeth start to brown and lets not get started on your breath….disgusting. 

            Vaping has become an extremely popular alternative to cigarette smoking in the past several years.  While it is not 100% “safe”, vaping eliminates the smoking of tobacco while keeping the nicotine in the form of a liquid that, when heated, turns into a cloud of vapor.  It is still important to note that nicotine is an addictive chemical, but removing the cancerous carbon monoxide from the experience has turned a lot of heads.

            There are two formulas which can be vaped; e-liquid a/k/a e-juice and e-juice salts. E-juice is a combination of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycerin, nicotine and flavor. E-juice salts, a/k/a nicotine salts, are the purest form of nicotine drawn from the tobacco leaf.  E-juice salts is a combination of glycerol, propylene glycol, natural oils, extracts and flavor, nicotine and benzoic acid.  E-liquid salts have a higher concentration of nicotine and, therefore, takes less inhales to get your nicotine high.

Whatever your personal preference is,, has the vape juice and accessories you need. We have an inventory of hundreds of e-juice brands and flavors so you are bound to find a vapor flavor, or several, that you'll enjoy.

Probably the most popular vapor flavors are fruit flavors such as berry, lemon, and the not so naturally occurring blue raspberry. A plethora of fruit flavor options and combinations are available from several brands. They also sell extra sweet flavors such as custard, cotton candy, marshmallow, fruity pebbles, birthday cake and even bread pudding. For those that aren’t into the sweet stuff, there are mint flavors as well as tobacco flavors for those looking for a more natural smoking experience.

We have a very user-friendly platform to search for vapor flavors.  Our website provides the opportunity for shoppers to filter the vapor flavors by price (either highest to lowest or lowest to highest), popularity and “what’s new”, where you can browse the most recent additions to our vapor flavor inventory.  You can also narrow your search by category liquid of choice (e-juice, e-juice salts, or bundle packages), brand, bottle size, and customer rating. Sorting by customer rating is an excellent feature.  This way, you can get a general consensus from users on a flavor that you’re considering without first trying it and then realizing that you hate it.  Reading that Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine e-juice didn’t go over so well with buyers will spare you from having to taste it yourself and will save you from throwing your money directly in the garbage when you discover it’s disgusting. 

Chances are, if you can think of a flavor, there is probably a vapor flavor on the market with certainly more to come.

Shop all vapor flavors at the best prices online now!

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