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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Berry Blow Doe by Humble eJuice Review - eJuice.Deals

Berry Blow Doe by Humble eJuice Review

Imagine ripe blueberries and sweet raspberries folded into a chewy square of bubblegum and you’ve got today’s e-liquid flavor review! We humbly bring you a delicious berry flavor that’s sure to knock your taste buds into next week, called Berry Blow Doe eJuice from Humble eLiquids. This is the first e-liquid I’ve tried from this company’s massive selections. What caught my eye was the humorous name and the large bottle size, but especially so since I’m an avid lover of all things sweet. We’ll start off with the unboxing, and work our way to my favorite part of any e-juice review, the Taste Test!


Berry Blow Doe eJuice is actually considered one of Humble’s OG flavors, meaning they no longer officially carry it on their website. There is a flavor comparison chart on their website which allows you to find a 60mL bottle of a similarly flavored e-liquid that they do have in stock. I was amused to see that they compared Berry Blow Doe to blue raspberry, because blueberries and raspberries do indeed make a blue raspberry! While I wasn’t able to find the actual price for Berry Blow Doe eJuice on the Humble Juice Co. website, I can direct you to Berry Blow Doe and other Humble Juice e-liquids on our website, where we stock it for a mere $11.99 (and that’s cheaper than some 60mL’s sell for!)

The 120mL bottle comes just as it is, no cardboard or thin paper box. The label is simple and you’ll need to rotate the bottle horizontally to read it. The brand name Humble is in easy to read script letters, with the e-liquid name aesthetically placed below it. The company website is listed as well, along with the customary warnings and cautions for who should use this product. The ingredient list is simple, along with allergy warnings and the number for poison control should the product be ingested.

On the last line of the label, I noticed that the nicotine level (3mg) was clearly listed, along with the bottle size (120mL), but I could not find the VG/PG ratio. A quick check on the company website determined that this, and all of the other Humble eLiquids, was an 80/20 VG/PG ratio. I also noted that the batch number and expiration date were marked on the bottom of the actual bottle. A large banner at the end of the label warned this product contains nicotine, and that nicotine was an addictive chemical.

There was very little creativity when it came to the design of this label, which is great if you’re a minimalist. However, I would have liked to see a little more imagination in the design of the label, like blueberries or raspberries, or chewing gum. Just something that would let me know what this flavor tastes like. But I understand with the growing pressure of the FDA and other e-liquid regulators that this might look like the company is marketing their e-liquids to underage vapers, whom this product is NOT intended for. So while I would have liked to see more color and pop to this vape juice label, it’s not a requirement or a necessity. Now that we’ve gone over the unboxing, let’s check out the fill-up section of this review.


Berry Blow Doe comes in a 120mL bottle that was a tinted clear bottle. The chubby gorilla bottle was dark, but I was able to clearly see through it to see the e-liquid level and consistency, albeit not the color. The label was clear as well, which made seeing through the bottle on all sides very easy.

In observing the e-liquid consistency through the bottle, I noticed that the vape juice was very watery. A light tap on the bottle sent the e-liquid sloshing as if I’d shaken it. This got me worried, as many watery sweet-flavored e-liquids have a tendency to burn coils, due to the juice not being able to be properly absorbed by the coil’s cotton. I made a metal note to see if my fears were justified (which we’ll go over in the Taste Test) and proceeded to open the bottle.

The childproof cap on the 120mL bottle opened easily enough in my experienced hands, requiring very little twisting effort. The fill-tip was thin enough to easily insert into my tank and my tank was filled quickly, easily, and mess-free.

I held the bottle to my nose and gave the bottle a few gentle squeezes to try to see if I could detect what the e-liquid smelled like. I squeezed gently a few times, then more aggressively, but was shocked to discover the e-liquid had little to no scent. I got a faint wisp of bubblegum, but that was all. This made me insanely curious to see what this faint scent would translate to when actually vaped. After ensuring that my tank was full, closed, and ready to go, I took my first hit.


Many descriptions of Berry Blow Doe list this e-liquid as being a blueberry and raspberry bubblgum. Due to the name, I expected some berry flavor even before I looked up the actual descrition on the Humble website. The inhale had a light and pleasantly sweet flavor that tasted faintly of raspberry. The exhale had a very strong berry flavor and I distinctly tasted blueberries. The blueberry flavor was tangy and authentic, just like how some tiny blueberries have a sharp tangy taste instead of the sweet taste you’re expecting. There was a playful sweetness in the exhale that reminded me strongly of Bazooka Joe chewing gum, light and sweet. The flavor throughout both the inhale and exhale was very sweet and honestly tasted exactly as it was described: berry bubblegum.

However, the wateriness of the e-liquid presented a problem: burnt hits. I will admit, I used this e-liquid on a coil that was close to the end of its useful life. When I got repeated dry hits using the vape juice, I thought that perhaps the coil was simply too far gone to properly soak up the e-liquid and vaporize. I ended up changing the coil to see if that solved the problem, and used the vape juice as the first juice to ever be used with that coil.

While I didn’t get any dry or burnt hits while using the new coil, I always felt like the very end of the exhale would leave me with a burnt taste in my mouth or a dry hit that would burn the back of my throat. The e-liquid was so thin that I felt it wasn’t able to soak into the cotton properly. Because of this, every hit that I took left me in constant fear that I’d get a dry hit.

Just to confirm that this wasn’t solely the coil’s fault, I even dumped out the Berry Blow Doe e-juice and filled my tank with a thicker e-juice (Peach Tea eJuice by Coastal Clouds, one of my favorites) to confirm the coil was bad. I took several cautious hits, only to realize that the new vape juice worked just fine, producing smooth and clean flavor. I realized that the coil wasn’t the problem, but the actual Berry Blow Doe ejuice was. The flavor was excellent, but the consistency of the e-juice was simply too thin. I also noticed that the flavor faded into a bland taste and left a dry aftertaste on my tongue over multiple uses. These experiences made me look forward to trying a new e-juice.

Berry Blow Doe was the first blueberry e-juice that I’ve tried that tasted EXACTLY like real blueberries. The raspberry and bubblegum complimented the taste so nicely and the throat hit from the nicotine was satisfying from just the first pull. The re-inhalation of the clouds smelled like bubblegum, with faint traces of berries. Unfortunately, the fear of getting a dry hit scarred me from truly enjoying the e-liquid. I can recommend this e-juice only if you use it on a new coil, or at least one that’s only a few days old. Otherwise, you might find yourself getting dry hits and unpleasant burnt tastes in your mouth.


I’ve heard such good reviews about the Humble Juice Co. and I really wanted to like this e-liquid. Berry Blow Doe by Humble eJuice was an excellent flavor in terms of authentic blueberry flavor, as that was the flavor I immediately detected. But unless you’re okay with a thin e-juice that might burn your coils, I’d be very cautious on vaping this e-liquid, especially if your current coil is on its way out.

For these reasons, I’d have to rate this flavor as a 5 out of 10. You may think this is a bit harsh or off-putting, given how much I’ve raved about the blueberry flavor being so tasty. But after having this juice burn my throat after prolonged use, I can’t say that this particular vape juice made me want to use it long-term.

Keep in mind that e-liquid flavors are subjective to different users. You may very well try this e-juice and declare it to be the best vape juice you’ve ever used, and I’ll believe you! This review is meant to share my experiences with this particular e-juice and to give you some insight on whether or not you’ll like it. If you’ve had better luck with this flavor than I did, make sure to post your story in the comments below! If you’ve tried any of the other e-liquids in the Humble eJuice lineup, let me know which ones you like and I’ll happily review them as well.

If you have questions or concerns about this vape juice, would like recommendations on other delicious blueberry vape juices, or are curious about the different e-liquids from Humble that we do carry, make sure to reach out to us! We’re always available via social media, phone call, or email. We’ll do our best to answer your question as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. Since Halloween is this Saturday, check back with us tomorrow for a DIY e-liquid article on your favorite Halloween treats! Until then, may your clouds be puffy and full of mouthwatering flavor, and we hope your tank is brimming with your favorite all-day vape juice!

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