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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Banana Bread Pudding by Country Clouds eJuice Review - eJuice.Deals

Banana Bread Pudding by Country Clouds eJuice Review

In this spirit of all things fall-related, today we’re going to be checking out one of the very few companies that dare to incorporate banana into their dessert e-juices. It’s called Banana Bread Pudding eJuice by Country Clouds. The name alone evokes memories of freshly baked banana bread, with warm melted butter dripping off the side. Add a dollop of smooth and creamy pudding and you’ve got yourself a delightful treat that’s ready and waiting to tantalize your taste buds! I’ve never had a banana flavored e-liquid before, and as an avid lover of banana bread, I’m really looking forward to seeing how this e-liquid tastes. Let’s get started with this review and see how Country Clouds delivers on this banana bread and pudding e-juice!


Banana Bread Pudding eJuice is the first e-liquid that I’ve tried from Country Clouds, but there are five other flavors that the company offers. I have two other e-liquids that I’ll be reviewing soon (Chocolate Pudding and Corn Bread Pudding), but we’ll get to those in a few weeks. As for now, we’ll go over my initial thoughts on the packaging and the e-liquid before getting to the taste test.

The clear chubby gorilla plastic bottle came in a thin cardboard box, with all the same information on both the bottle and the box. The tan box had a quaint and simple design, but it had such a comforting homey feel to it. The company name was displayed in a reflective gold font on the top of the box, with a picture of a rustic farm and windmill in a bubble frame. The name of the e-liquid was displayed in a gold reflective cursive font, with a banana placed underneath for flavor reference. The nicotine content (3mg) and bottle size (100mL) were clearly marked in a crest of wheat stamp. A large block of text at the bottom of the box proclaimed this product contains nicotine and that nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The back of the box displayed the customary consumption warnings, ingredient list, and manufacturing information, as well as the sale and storage information. The sides of the box just showed the company name and the rural farm. The actual bottle label was just as plain, but left a nice large gap between the edges so you can see the e-liquid color, consistency, and amount left.

One thing that I did notice is that I didn’t see an expiration date anywhere on the box. This really isn’t that surprising, as most e-liquid companies are just now beginning to include those, either on the bottom of the bottle or stamped on the side of the label. The label listed the VG/PG ratio as 70/30, and also showed the company website. I noticed that the company website listed the e-liquid for $25, but here on our site, we sell it for only $10.99. And that finalizes our review of the unboxing, so let’s dive right into the fill-up section now!


The 100mL bottle comes with a childproof cap that unscrewed off quickly in my experienced hands. Once the cap was off, I noticed that while the fill-tip was slim, it was tapered. The tip was wide on the bottom but slimmer on the top. I thought this would have made it easy to fill juice in my tank, but this was not the case. I noticed that I had to fill my tank slowly; otherwise the e-liquid would come bubbling up through the fill port. I checked to see if I had an e-liquid bubble that was preventing the e-liquid from flowing in smoothly, but even after checking my tank, this still was an issue. I didn’t end up with a messy tank or wasted e-liquid, but it was a little annoying to fill up slowly.

The e-liquid was a dark amber color, extremely similar to honey. The consistency was smooth but very liquid as I sloshed it around in the bottle. This is a bit unusual for a dessert e-liquid, as sometimes the dessert flavors can be somewhat thick and sludgy. Due to the watery consistency and the dark color of the e-liquid, I was curious if my coils would burn overtime. I’ll see how the next few days of vaping this e-liquid go and I’ll let you know if they do!

I held the open bottle close to my nose to see what the e-liquid smelled like. I immediately detected a thick and syrupy scent, very similar to banana pudding. I will say the banana scent was not like the actual fruit, but it did have an instantly recognizable banana scent. I was very curious to see how this flavor would taste in the form of clouds, which now brings us to the part of the review where I describe the taste of my first puff.


Being that this was the first banana vape juices I’ve tried, I was hoping to get a very strong banana flavor. I love eating ripe bananas, banana bread, banana pudding, and even fried plantains, so I’m very familiar with how bananas should taste. The company website describes this flavor as a “Rich, creamy banana pudding topped off with sweet meringue all on a bed of crushed vanilla wafers.” I was instantly confused about the inclusion of the word “bread” in the name: banana bread pudding. There is such a thing as banana bread, bread pudding, and banana pudding, so unless they were trying to include all of those culinary masterpieces in one, I’m very confused why bread wasn’t anywhere mentioned in the company website. But I put my confusion aside and took my first hit of this e-liquid.

The inhale had a thick warmth to it, but there wasn’t much of any flavor on the inhale. However, I definitely tasted more flavor on the exhale. There was a creamy thickness in the exhale, with a very light vanilla taste to it. The last few seconds of the exhale is where the banana flavor was, but it was a very light and faintly sweet taste. I felt the banana flavor linger on my tongue for a few seconds before the flavor left my mouth completely. The banana flavor was very light and there was indeed a faintly sweet taste of vanilla pudding. However, this e-liquid had a much lighter flavor than I was expecting. I was hoping for a strong and sweet flavor of ripe bananas with a thick and creamy taste of vanilla pudding. But instead, I got a light and sweet flavor of vanilla pudding with a hint of banana right at the exhale.

The nicotine gave off a good throat hit that was satisfying after just a single pull. The flavor, however light, remained with me the entirety of the time that I vaped it. Every single pull gave off the same light and sweet flavor, and the clouds were actually pleasant to re-inhale. The flavor never lost its initial flavor and it didn’t get boring after the first few pulls. I actually went through two tankfulls of this flavor without realizing it. While it wasn’t a strong and artificial banana flavor, it was a light and sweet flavor that was quite refreshing. After trying so many thick and artificial dessert flavors, this e-liquid may have been just the flavor to make me enjoy dessert e-liquids again. I did vape this flavor for a day and a half straight, but I did start yearning for a stronger dessert flavor.


My curiosity to try a banana-flavored e-liquid was finally fulfilled with the Banana Bread Pudding eJuice by Country Clouds. I have mixed emotions about this e-liquid for several reasons. For the pro’s, I loved the design of the e-liquid’s label. They had all the things I love about an e-liquid: great design, company website listed, and VG/PG ratio clearly displayed. The taste was indeed like a light vanilla and banana puddin, and the throat hit was pleasant and satisfying.

However, the con’s make me a bit apprehensive to rate this e-liquid with a specific number. I would have loved for this e-liquid to have a stronger banana taste throughout the exhale, not just for the last few seconds. I was also a bit concerned about the color and consistency of the e-liquid. The reddish-amber hue combined with the watery consistency made me wonder how my coils would hold up over time. And lastly, the overall light flavor of the e-liquid made me crave more and more hits just to remember what the flavor was like, not because I enjoyed the taste that much. For those reasons, I’d have to rate this e-liquid as a 7 out of 10.

I really wanted to like this e-liquid, and I found several good things about it without difficulty. However, I really like my e-liquid flavors to be strong in order to really enjoy it. Since banana really isn’t that common of an e-liquid flavor, I can only imagine the amount of trial and error Country Clouds went with to create this smooth flavor. If they could make the banana and pudding flavor stronger without tasting artificial, I would enjoy it much more. Remember, vape reviews are very suggestive. You may end up liking this flavor for it’s light and sweet taste, or you may agree with me wholeheartedly that this e-liquid was a bit of a letdown. I’ve tried to give you the good and the bad, as well as my opinion of it. What you do with that information is totally up to you!

Have you tried Banana Bread Pudding eJuice by Country Clouds before? What about any of the other pudding flavors from Country Clouds? Share your experiences with us in the comments below! I know there aren’t that many banana flavors on the market, but I congratulate Country Clouds for creating such a uniquely flavored vape juice. If you have any questions about this or any other vape juice we sell on, you can always reach out to us via phone call, social media, or email. Check back with us tomorrow where we review an e-liquid from one of the most popular brands in the entire dessert industry: My Man by One Hit Wonder! As always, I hope this review has been helpful in your future quest for a delicious all-day vape juice. May you find that favorite flavor amongst the many pages of our site, and may your resulting clouds be sweet, puffy, and full of delightful flavor!

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