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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Apple Jay Jay eJuice by HMBL E-Liquid Review - eJuice.Deals

Apple Jay Jay eJuice by HMBL E-Liquid Review

Instead of bragging about their vast array of flavorful vape juices, HMBL eLiquids lets you discover that for yourself! HMBL eLiquids humbly presents fruits, menthols, desserts, and tobacco flavors all in e-liquid and nic-salt form! Today we’ll be reviewing their Apple Jay Jay eJuice in terms of flavor, all-day vapability, and appearance. HMBL eJuice has quite a few other flavors, so feel free to check out the rest of them on their website or at your favorite vape shop! Let’s start out with the unboxing now!


HMBL eLiquids is a subsidiary brand of Humble Juice Co. Unfortunately, we no longer have this particular flavor in stock as we make way for new e-liquid brands and flavors. However, you can check out your local vape shop or your preferred online vape site to grab a bottle of this e-liquid for yourself.

Apple Jay Jay comes in a hefty 120mL chubby gorilla bottle, as do all of HMBL’s e-liquids. This particular bottle is a darkly colored plastic, making it virtually impossible to see the e-liquid consistency, color, or amount remaining. The label is also black, but has a satin green stripe along the top and bottom of the label. That same satin green color makes up a polka-dot design throughout the rest of the label, leaving space in the center for the brand name and e-liquid name to be vertically displayed. On the far right, of the label, you can read the cautionary warnings, ingredient list, bottle size (120mL) and nicotine content. I’m reviewing the 3mg version, but you can also get it in 0mg and 6mg. On the back of the label, a huge vertical banner states that this product contains nicotine and that nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Located smartly on the bottom of the actual bottle, you can find the expiration date and batch number. Again, this particular e-liquid is only available for sale within the United States, so if you’re reading this from a different country and you’d like to try this e-liquid, you’ll have to come visit a vape shop here! This was a very simple label, but it was classic and well-done. My only complaint would be that the black plastic prevented me from seeing anything about the actual e-liquid. I wasn’t able to see anything about the VG/PG ratio, but a quick consultation of the company website showed that it was a 65/35 VG/PG ratio, slightly different from the popular 70/30 ratio. I also learned on the website that all HMBL e-liquids are formulated with nicotine salts, even though you can use them in a traditional sub-ohm device. Now that we’ve gone over the unboxing, it’s time to check out the fill-up!


The 120mL bottle came with a black plastic child-resistant cap that was easy to unscrew. I held the slim fill-tip to my nose to see how it smelled. My nostrils were rewarded with a crisp apple scent, which I found extremely similar to the Ciroq Apple and Jack Daniel’s Apple liquors: slightly artificial, but very sweet, and definitely apple. It was strongly fruity and had a very rich and easily identifiable apple scent. I was very curious to see how this flavor would taste in cloud form, but we’ll get to that part of the review shortly!

I had to fill up my tank to see the actual color and consistency, but the thin fill-tip made this a quick and mess-free process. I noted that the e-liquid had a yellow color (with a very faint tinge of reddish hue), due to the nicotine content. The e-liquid had a watery consistency that looked like it sloshed around easily through the bottle. Once in the tank, however, it thickened up after taking several pulls. This is something I’ve noticed as a common thing with the last few e-liquids I’ve reviewed. It’s also worth noting that this is a pure apple flavored e-liquid, without any other fruits or flavors (like menthol or custard) added. Now that we’ve gone over the unboxing and the fill-up, it’s time to check out the actual flavor taste!


This flavor has been discontinued on the official Humble Juice Co. website, but I was able to find some other website descriptions that describe it as fruity, strongly apple flavored, and wonderfully tart (like a green apple). I took my first pull of the e-juice and was delighted to taste a strong apple flavor immediately. I tasted a very strong sour flavor towards the end of the exhale, much like a green apple Blow Pop lollipop. The flavor was wonderfully well-defined, but there was more of a candy flavor than a fruit flavor. At first I thought the flavor tasted kind of soapy, and I wasn’t really fond of it. But then I realized that it was the sour flavor that I couldn’t immediately recognize. It doesn’t say anywhere on the bottle that the flavor is sour green apple or candy-flavored, but after having so many types of sour candies and sour vape juices over the years, my taste buds recognized the taste fairly quickly.

The throat hit from the nicotine was smooth and satisfying after a single pull, but the flavor was so mysteriously tasty that I kept going back for more. Due to the sourness of the flavor, I noted that my mouth got slightly dried out after multiple hits. The dry mouth sensation was very faint and it’s to be expected out of many e-liquids with a sour element. A quick swig of water rectified this issue and I found that I could vape this flavor all-day without getting tired of it. The flavor was bold and pure with every hit, and I found myself liking the sour element the more I vaped it. The scent of the clouds was delicious to inhale, and I found myself inhaling the exhaled clouds with gusto and delight (the reverse waterfall trick is perfect for trying this). The sweet apple balanced with sour at the end made me think I was eating a sour green apple Jolly Rancher candy.


If you like your sweet fruit balanced with a sour aftertaste, you’ll absolutely adore this e-liquid flavor. This was my first e-liquid from HMBL and I’ve got to say, I’m impressed. It’s easy to get bored with pure fruit flavors, and some apple-flavored e-liquids I’ve tried have left me wishing there was another fruit flavor blended in. However, this e-liquid held its own with a solid fruit flavor that didn’t get old, thanks to the inclusion of a sharp sour tang at the end. I was pleased with this e-liquid and look forward to trying other flavors from HMBL.

I rate this e-liquid as an 8 out of 10. The large 120mL bottle was a great bang for my buck, and the flavor was smooth and sweet at the beginning of the exhale, then sour and dry at the end, just like a green apple e-liquid is supposed to taste.  The label was simple enough to be classy, but I would have liked to see the VG/PG ratio listed on the label as it’s a unique 65/35 blend. Lastly, I loved that the expiration date was located in such a unique place (on the underside of the bottle). It made me want to check my other e-liquids to see if the expiration date is located there as well!  I wasn’t really happy that the black plastic bottle made it impossible to see how much was left or what color/consistency the e-liquid was, but ultimately, the flavor and bottle size made up for this. I also would have liked the name to warn that the flavor was sour (Green Apple Jay, perhaps?) and more tart than a simple apple flavor like Red's Apple eJuice. But all in all, this was a great vape juice. I can easily recommend this to vapers who love pure fruit flavors but are looking for just a little bit more punch on the exhale.

What other flavors have you tried from HBML? Do you have any other favorite sour fruit or tart green apple e-liquids that you like? Let us know in the comments section below! We also love to read what our vapers are puffing on while they read our articles. Are you curious what other apple vape juices we carry, or want to see a specific flavor reviewed next? We’re available via phone, email, and social media to answer any and all questions you may have! Check back with us next time for another fun-filled adventure, whether it be vape juice reviews, commonly asked vape questions, or even an article on vape tricks! Whatever it is, you can be sure you won’t want to miss it! Until next time, fellow vapers! May your tank always be brimming with tasty e-liquid and may your clouds always be stuffed full of delicious and mouthwatering flavor!

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