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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Adding Flavor To Vape Juice - eJuice.Deals

Adding Flavor To Vape Juice

We can all relate to that one vape juice that we really thought we’d love, but it turned out to be bland and tasteless. A common question we all think about is can we add flavor to a vape juice? The short answer? Yes. The long’s a tricky process that requires a lot of finesse and patience. In this article, we’ll go over the different ways you can make your boring e-juice a flavorful masterpiece. Let’s jump right in and go over some options for both beginner and advanced vapers.

If you’ve been reading my articles for a while, you’ll know I’m skewed towards the fruit and sweets flavors. I enjoy a smooth custard or menthol flavor every once in a while, but after trying so many different ejuices and reviewing many of them, I realized my vaping preference is within the smooth refreshing flavor of fruits (preferably lychee, apple, and pineapple). However, a good friend of mine recently switched from cigarettes to vaping and was still trying to find his preferred flavor palette. He bought a few flavors off our site and loved two of them (Melon Twist Honeydew Melon and Cookie Twist Strawberry Honey Graham) so much, he decided to mix them. The end result was actually pretty good! He said it had a heavier fruit dessert flavor and was very pleased with the combination.

You can mix flavors into your e-liquid, even your nic-salt liquids! However, don’t blend nic-salt liquids with free-base nicotine liquids. Each of these liquids are formulated for specific use with specific devices. You can always check out forums for ideas on what flavors to mix with together, but keep in mind that mixing e-liquids can present a few problems. First off, unless you use exact measurements, it will be difficult to get the same flavor again. Second, you should stick with flavors that go well together: vanilla and coffee, peaches and mango, cookies with caramel, etc. Lastly, you should also make sure that both vape juices have the same VG/PG ratio (70/30, 60/40, 50/50). You can always mix e-juices within the same brand, just like my friend did with the Twist Liquids. Ultimately, it’s your taste buds that you’ll be catering to, so you can always mix and match to what you think will be good.

While mixing premade e-liquid is usually the quickest and easiest way to add flavor to vape juice, you may get frustrated with the inconsistency of the flavors and annoyance of having to use two vape juice liquids at once. There is an alternative way to get more flavor into your e-liquid, but it’s a little more advanced. You’ll remember in one of our previous articles, we talked about making your own e-juice, what VG and PG are, and some of the sites you can use to get flavorings. Instead of making your own e-juice from scratch, you can enhance the flavor of your current e-juice with flavorings! You’ll remember that there are several popular brands of flavors (TPA, TFA, Capellas, LA, FA, etc.) that offer literally every flavor imaginable.

One thing to keep in mind if you do end up adding flavors is that if you use nicotine in your vape juice, adding flavors will dilute it, especially if you use concentrated flavorings (up to 2 mLs). If it’s just a few drops then your nicotine content won’t change very much. Also, if you’re mixing two e-juices with different nicotine contents (i.e. one juice with 6mg of nicotine and one with 3mg of nicotine), obviously the nicotine content will change for the end result. It’s best to use the same nicotine strength when blending two e-liquids together. You can check out this list of ejuice calculators if you need help on how much to add, resulting nicotine content, and so forth.

With any blending of flavors, you can choose to mix either in the tank or in a beaker with an e-juice blender if you like. If you choose to mix in the tank, start out with half a tank at a time. If you’re using DIY e-liquid tools, take notes on your process so you can make adjustments whenever needed. Some experienced vapers also recommend letting the new e-liquid steep for a few days to let the flavors fuse together. If you’re adding flavors like menthol or tobacco, keep in mind that a little bit goes a long way. Also, confirm that the flavors you’re buying aren’t oil extracts, but are formulated specifically for e-liquid use. It might seem simple enough to add a bit of lavender essential oil to your vape juice, but DON’T. Just because it looks like e-juice doesn’t mean it’s safe to be vaped or inhaled. If you’re looking to get into the wonderful world of DIY, you can check out our article here!

And that wraps up our article on how to add flavor to vape juice. For the most part, mixing e-liquids shouldn’t clog your coils any more than normal, as long as you stay consistent with brands and e-liquid categories. If you do want to blend odd concoctions (menthol with chocolate or coffee with tobacco), start out with small batches and see how you like them. You can also start out with e-liquid that you don’t really like and experiment with ways to make it better. I recently tried an e-liquid called Electric Lemonade eJuice by Big Bottle Co. and was disappointed with the weak flavor. I know lemonade is usually a light and refreshing flavor as a beverage, but as an ejuice, I was left severely wanting. I’m still debating on whether or not to add something more lemon-y or strawberry to try to enhance the flavor or if I should leave it for days I want something with a light smooth finish. I’ll actually be reviewing that e-liquid tomorrow, so check back with us soon to see my initial reaction and final thoughts on that ejuice.

Have you tried enhancing your e-liquid with other flavors? What’s the oddest yet tastiest flavor you’ve ever mixed together? Drop a comment below and let us know! It’s always exciting to hear from vapers around the world and see how much imagination flows between the clouds. That’s all for now, but I promise you’ll hear from us again soon! Until then, may your tank always be full of tasty e-juice and may your clouds be forever infused with delicious flavor!

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