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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

About Juul, Their Replacement Pods, & Other Vape Solutions - eJuice.Deals

About Juul, Their Replacement Pods, & Other Vape Solutions

JUUL is a relatively new device to the vaping community, but has quickly become a staple, asserting its place among the top vapes on the market.

About JUUL: The Company

JUUL was founded by Adam Bowen and James Monsees, who met in the product design program at Stanford University in 2002.  Both cigarette smokers, Adam and James worked on their thesis together, understanding that they both ran the risk of meeting the same fate as most smokers….death.  As smokers, they understood the shame that comes with failing to quit cold-turkey, which they felt inhibited a change in behavior. Their objective was to come up with an alternative; not one that replaced cigarette smoking, but one that mimicked it. 

After graduating from Stanford, Adam and James launched Ploom, a start-up tobacco company in San Francisco that manufactured a heating element that turned tobacco into vapor.  Ploom eventually evolved into PAX Labs, which incorporated marijuana into the vaporizing mix.  Under Ploom and PAX, their mission remained the same: smoking didn’t need to stop; it needed to change.  It needed to change for a generation that is so much more focused on health and wellness than those of the past.

In 2015, they turned their attention to nicotine salts.  Nicotine salts are the purest form of nicotine drawn from the tobacco leaf.  The concentration of nicotine in the liquids produced by PAX Labs (a combination of glycerol, propylene glycol, natural oils, extracts and flavor, nicotine and benzoic acid) is higher than that of regular e-liquids.  They also mimic cigarette smoking more than average vape pens or vape mods in terms of throat hit, lung inhalation and tobacco taste.  And so was born….JUUL. 

The Device

            JUUL has streamlined its model in order to make it the simplest and most user-friendly cigarette alternative on the market.  Like the average vape pen, the JUUL device comes with a battery and a heating element, but JUUL includes a closed pod that is pre-filled with their nicotine salt based e-liquid instead of having to pour it into the reservoir of a vape pen.

JUUL is the size of a regular cigarette, but is rectangular-shaped as opposed to round, making it lightweight and easily transported compared to larger versions of vape pens and vape mods.  Unlike pens and mods, JUUL doesn’t need any switches or buttons to get started.  It is activated by simply inhaling.  Upon inhale, sensors activate the battery to power the battery and vaporize the liquid.  Having a closed pod system eliminates liquids from escaping through the mouthpiece and eliminates spillage because there is nothing to refill.  When the pod is empty, it is simply thrown away and replaced with another.

The Products

JUUL currently comes in two sleek and attractive color choices: slate and silver.  The device in either color retails for $34.99 on and includes the device itself, a USB charger and charging dock and a limited one year warranty. You can also purchase a JUUL starter kit that retails for $49.99 on that includes all of the above, plus 4 pods. 

Currently, JUUL sells 8 flavors of pods: Classic Tobacco; Virginia Tobacco; Menthol; Mint; Mango; Cucumber; Crème; and Fruit.  All of the flavors are sold with a 5% nicotine concentrate, while Virginia Tobacco, Mint, Mango, Cucumber, Crème and Fruit can be purchase with a 3% nicotine concentrate.  Replacement JUUL pods retail for about $10.00 for a 2-pack and $16.00 for a 4-pack. 

The JUUL Effect

            JUUL’s popularity has skyrocketed in a short time.  In an article posted by, within 2 years of launching JUUL, they sold over 16 million devices and made over $2 million dollars.  Today, JUUL is a billion dollar company that controls more than half of the U.S. vape market.  They have also recently expanded their sales beyond borders to Canada, the U.K., and Israel.

Discount JUUL Pods

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