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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

5 Top Vape Juice Flavors to Look Out for in 2019 - eJuice.Deals

5 Top Vape Juice Flavors to Look Out for in 2019

There are some surprising top vape juice flavors out this year and it shows that the industry is continuing to innovate.

It's because of this innovation that the global e-cigarette market is set to exceed $85 billion by 2025. But with thousands of flavors out there, it's hard to know which are the best to try.

This list covers the choices you should be most excited about.

Our Criteria for the Top Vape Juice Flavors

The best ejuice needs to hit a number of things for it to make this list:

  • Spot on Taste - the best ejuice flavors should be exactly what they say they are
  • Innovation - ideally a good ejuice will be a whole new flavor or a twist on a classic that blows you away
  • Unrivaled - there's a lot of competition out there, the top vape flavors will undoubtedly be the best version you can get

1. Cafe Con Leche

South Beach has made something special with this mouth-watering flavor that is a coffee lovers dream.

On the draw, you're met with a rich espresso bean accented by notes of vanilla that give way to a creamy milk taste on the exhale. Every puff feels like you're sat on a sunny cafe in the Meditteranean.

2. Lucky Charm

As adults, we all have to admit that Lucky Charms is in no way good for you. Fortunately, this top ejuice flavor by Liquid EFX lets you enjoy the nostalgic taste without any of the calories or sugar.

Expertly crafted, each inhale will place you right back in front of Saturday morning cartoons as the taste of nostalgia and delicious cereal fill you with bliss.

3. Blue Razz

If you're a big fan of taffy and a sweet blue raspberry kick, then this is one of the top vape juice flavors that will quickly become one of your favorite choices.

Air Factory designed it to deliver an impactful punch of sweet candy in every puff with a tasty fruit finish that makes you always want to come back for more.

4. Outdoors and S'mores

Charlie's Chalk Dust went and did something magical by recreating an iconic snack for all vaper lovers to enjoy.

The flavor is everything you hope it would be. Warm, toasted marshmallows on an open flame, silky smooth chocolate melted to perfection, all sandwiched between the savory crunch of a graham cracker.

With the cloud from your vape simulating the fire's smoke and peaceful evening clouds, you'll feel like you're on a summer trip that never ends.

5. Original Cannoli

This iconic Italian dessert has finally come to the ejuice market.

Inspired to recreate the taste of 'the old country', Bam went above and beyond to find a recipe that did it justice.

The sweet, creamy cannoli filling hits you on the draw with a fresh key lime zest adding a welcome flair to the flavor. Exhale and taste that crisp pastry shell that ties the whole experience together.

Try Something New

The top vape juice flavors always surprise and delight with their ability to nail the exact taste advertised.

While it's impossible to try every flavor, it's worth looking for new ones just in case you stumble across a delicious alternative.

Expand your horizons and look at some of the fantastic bundle deals we have on offer.

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