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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

5 Tips on How to Start a Vape Store - eJuice.Deals

5 Tips on How to Start a Vape Store

You've given up cigarettes and switched to vaporizing. You're reaping the benefits and tasting those delicious flavors.

Now that you have seen the other side, you want to help others see it as well.

Interested in starting your own vape shop? It's not as hard as you might think!

Keep reading to learn about how to start a vape shop and what it will take for your shop to succeed.


How to Start a Vape Shop

Starting a vape shop is similar to starting other types of businesses.

If you've ever owned a business in the past, you probably know how to get up and running with this type of shop as well. If not, there are some things that you need to know before you get started to make sure that the shop doesn't fail.

Without taking proper precautions and thinking things through, you may end up with a shop that is not going to last for a long time for various reasons, such as lack of inventory, bad employees, or poor location choice.


1. Choose Your Spot

One of the biggest parts of starting a great business is finding the best location.

A bad location is going to cause your vape shop to not get enough business. If people can't find you, they are not going to want to visit you.

Without customers, a business will fail much more quickly because no revenue will be coming in.


2. Figure Out The Budget

Every shop is going to have its own unique fees and expenses. Even the rent alone can cost quite a lot if you are trying to open a new shop in a large city or popular area.

Consider the fees associated with inventory, staff, insurance, and other equipment as well. Often, people will underestimate how much it costs to start a new business.


3. Learn the Laws

In order for the vape shop to be legal, you have to know and be able to follow both state and federal laws. It is important to understand these laws before you get started with your new shop.

There are a few online resources that will help you learn about the specific laws you need to know about considering everywhere will have a different set of laws to follow.

For instance, CASAA is a great resource to get information on the local laws for your area and gain support.

The federal laws are changing all the time, so you can gain more information about that through the federal websites dedicated to tobacco and nicotine products.


4. Find Inventory

You can do this in a few different ways. Some people like to buy directly from the manufacturer while others may like to get their products from wholesale distributors.

A vape shop should carry e-liquids, batteries, chargers, mods, tanks, replacement coils, and starter kits. There are other things you may want to get later on, but when you are just starting out, be sure to have these available to customers.

In addition to this, know your inventory!

You need to know what you are selling in order to be able to explain what you have to people that have questions. For example, make sure that you know the difference between the vape juice flavors and brands that you carry.


5. Hire Great Staff Members

The staff are generally the first people that new customers will come into contact with in your store. They can easily make or break a sale.

You want to hire people that want to be there, are willing to help customers with questions, and know what they are talking about. Be sure to have a screening process and hiring process in place to find awesome staff members.


Start Your Shop

Now that you know how to start a vape shop, you need to get your supplies and plan together to make your shop a success once it opens.

Learn more about the benefits of vaping and how you can encourage customers to choose your vaporizers.

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