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5 Simple Vape Tricks To Try At Parties (Where Vaping Is Permitted) - eJuice.Deals

5 Simple Vape Tricks To Try At Parties (Where Vaping Is Permitted)

Back in September, I went over a few tricks that are fairly easy for beginners and intermediate vapers alike to learn. We started out with two tricks for beginners (the ghost and the dragon) and finished with three tricks for intermediates (the French inhale/reverse waterfall, the o-ring, and the tornado). You can check out that article here if you need a refresher course, but today we’ll be going over five more tricks that you can add to your repertoire. Keep in mind that these tricks are more for home parties and friendly outdoor events where vaping is permitted But the point of these tricks is to have fun and enjoy yourself. You may end up impressing your friends as well, but all of these tricks are very fun to watch as well as perform. Let's begin! 


This trick requires absolutely no effort on your part whatsoever, making it a fun trick to try at parties and outdoor gatherings (provided vaping is allowed). You will, however, need one item that needs to be prepared beforehand: a water bottle with a little bit of frozen water on the bottom. Simply take a drag on your vape device and carefully exhale the vapor into the bottle. This shouldn’t take more than a few seconds. Once the vapor completely fills the bottle, simply tip the water bottle on its side and watch the vapor slowly pour out onto a table or other flat surface. The vapor will slowly form a vape puddle that eventually evaporates. You can check out a visual effect of that trick here.

You might ask, “does the water in the bottle have to be frozen?” YES. The frozen water will chill the vapor, allowing the vapor to be “poured out.” This is unique because vapor is composed of little particles of water that allow you to make the vape cloud you know and love. Once these water particles are colder, they move a lot slower and can be manipulated much easier. You’ll notice this if you vape on a humid summer day too. Since the humidity is actually water vapor in the air, your clouds will hang much longer in the air because the air is moist (sorry!) and takes longer to dissipate.

This isn’t a complicated trick, or even a trick at all. It’s more of a science experiment that can produce some amusement among those around you. But boy is it fun to watch!


I first saw this trick on an Instagram video, where this guy blew this massive rainbow bubble over a pond. Once the bubble had settled on the water, it eventually popped and sent a beautiful mist across the water. Check out this video here for a visual reference, but for now, all you need is a good old fashioned bubble wand. Start out by making sure you can blow regular bubbles through the wand. Get a feel for how much air pressure you need to blow through the wand to make bubbles. Once you get comfortable with that, you can start blowing vape bubbles! Simply take a hit from your vape device, and carefully blow the vapor through the bubble wand. The end results should produce vapor filled bubbles!

If you prefer to make larger vape bubbles with supplies you have in your home, you’ll need a few things to start. Begin by cutting out the bottom of an empty plastic water or soda bottles. Set the top half of the bottle aside, as you’ll be blowing the vapor through that later. In a separate bowl, mix together some hand soap and water. Make sure the bowl you’re using can accommodate the top half of the bottle to fully submerge the edges Once you’ve got a nice soapy mixture, you’re ready to begin. Dip the top half of the bottle into the bowl, and blow through the bottleneck. Once the bubble is full, gently swing your wrist in a circular motion to release the bubble from the edge of the cut bubble. You can refer to this video here for visual guidance. You should be able to produce large and full bubbles with vapor inside! Keep in mind, you shouldn’t do this around younger children, as they’ll want to play with the vapor bubbles and you might have an angry mob of mothers on your hands!


Stephen King wrote a short story about The Mist, a fog that snapped up unsuspecting victims and devoured them without leaving a trace. It’s a really good book (and also a Netflix series), and this trick always makes me think of that dreaded mist. It’s also a very easy trick to do and it has a beautiful visual affect. You’ll need a glass with a wide diameter (a whisky or martini glass works great!) that has cold liquid already in it. The liquid can be at any level, but this trick works best when the glass is half-full. Take a regular pull of vapor from your device, but don’t exhale just yet. Lower your mouth to the rim of the glass and slowly exhale the vapor from your mouth into the glass. The coldness of the liquid in the glass will chill the vapor and prevent it from floating away, much like the Waterfall trick was first mentioned. You can watch this video here for visual reference. I happen to love doing this at parties, because something about blowing vapor onto my favorite alcoholic beverage seems to make it more enjoyable. But you can do this with cold water, juice, or soda. Whatever beverage you choose to do this with, just make sure it’s ice cold!


I discovered this trick purely on accident at a party with my boyfriend. We were standing next to each other, vaping heavily and enjoying ourselves when suddenly I had an idea. I took a huge pull from my vape, turned to him, and kissed him. Instead of pulling away, I exhaled the vapor from my mouth to his and told him to exhale. With eyes wide, he slowly exhaled my vapor from his mouth and we shouted with delight. It worked! This is more of a French Kiss Exhale if you really want to name it, but it was highly amusing to discover that the vapor didn’t dissipate immediately once it left my mouth. Of course, this trick is more of an intimate one and it’s meant to be shared between two people who vape and are in a relationship. I’m curious to see if this would work in a game of spin-the-bottle, but you’ll have to let me know how that one goes! Check out this video here for a real-life reference of how to share vapor in a kiss! Note: this isn’t me, but this couple looks absolutely adorable!


Instead of “love is in the air,” you can try this vape trick amongst people that have very curly hair. Granted, it’s more of a vape prank than a trick, so be careful who you try this with. I had this one Dominican girlfriend who had a full head of very curly, very thick, very full dark hair. Every so often when we were in the kitchen or having drinks with our group of friends, she would turn to someone and her hair would be directly in my face. Instead of fussing at her to move further away from me, I got into the habit of blowing vapor directly into her hair without telling her. Because her hair was so thick and curly, the vapor got trapped in the curls and she’d walk around like that without realizing it! Of course, the rest of us could see the vapor swirling around in her hair, and it looked so much like snakes that we started calling her Medusa. It eventually got so common to do this to her hair that whenever we started laughing, she’d start slapping her hair to get all of the vapor out. If you’ve got a friend with long curly hair, this might be just the vape prank to try out! Keep in mind, my Dominican girlfriend vaped as well, so she laughed it off and wasn’t upset that vapor was in her hair. If you’re planning on doing this to any of your friends, make sure they’re okay with being around vapor so you don’t get yelled at or angrily assaulted! I don’t have a video of vape in the hair, but I think your imagination will do just fine for this trick/prank, should you dare to do it!


And that concludes our brief yet amusing list of vape tricks you can do at parties! Initially I was going to make this article about beginner and intermediate vape tricks, but I got so caught up in writing about vape tricks for parties that I completely lost track of time. I’ll write another article with some intermediate and advanced vape tricks for next time, but for now, I hope you enjoyed this article on vape party tricks! Are there some other tricks you’ve tried out at parties? What’s your favorite vape trick that you’ve mastered? If you’ve tried any of these tricks mentioned at parties you’ve been at, please drop a comment below and let us know your experience! I always love hearing from fellow vapers across the country. Check back with us next time for another e-liquid review, this time on Passionfruit Raspberry Yuzu eJuice by Pachamama! Until then, I hope your tank is full of delicious e-liquid and that your clouds are full of flavor, tricks, and laughter!

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