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5 Maintenance Tips to Make Your Vape Kit Lasts Long - eJuice.Deals

5 Maintenance Tips to Make Your Vape Kit Lasts Long

There are different types of vaping devices on the market, ranging from advanced temperature control mod setups to low wattage pod systems. Regardless of which type of device you have, you’d agree that proper maintenance is necessary to enjoy the best vaping sessions. Vaping devices are not exactly cheap, so taking care of your devices does not only keep it in tip-top condition but also saves you money in the long run. Also, maintaining your vaping devices prevents potential safety hazards. Here are some of the best maintenance tips for your vape kit.



Before we begin, it is important to mention that you are using a disposable tank, then these tips don’t apply to you. Now, your tank is arguably the most important part of your vaping device. It contains your coil and e-juice and thus requires more maintenance than other parts of your vape kit.

You need to clean your tank regularly. To clean your tank, you need to disassemble it first. You can clean the plastic components of your tank by rinsing them in a solution of water and mild dishwashing soap. You can clean the metal components of your tank with unflavored, high-grain alcohol.

Never clean your coil with water or alcohol as that may destroy it. Your coil doesn’t need to be clean, instead, it should be replaced once it changes color and becomes covered with gunk. There is no definite rule for how long you should use a coil before it needs to be changed. The type of e-juice you are using and the wattage you are vaping all play a role in this. The best way to know if your coil needs to be changed is when you start getting a weird taste or when your e-juice doesn’t taste as rich as it used to. If you are using a rebuildable atomizer, the way to clean your coil is to dry burn it. This doesn’t work for non-rebuildable atomizers.

One way to prolong the lifespan of your coil is to avoid letting your e-juice run very low before you top it up. When the level of e-juice in your tank is very low, your wick doesn’t get properly saturated, and, as a result, your coil is prone to get burnt.

When you finish cleaning your tank, wipe it dry, or leave it to dry. Always double check to see that you’ve put everything back together properly and that the threading is sealed. Don’t overlook the importance of O-rings; they do not just allow the parts of your tank to thread together properly but also prevent leaks.



The mod is the heart of a vaping device, and it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. If you want to clean your mod, only wipe the outer part with a dry paper towel or rag. The main thing you need to focus on to keep your mod functioning at its best is your battery. The battery provides power for your device. Some mods come with removable batteries, but the batteries are built-in for some others. Regardless of the type of battery you have, never wait until the power goes down completely before you power it up. It is best to not get past 10 to 15 percent before you recharge it. This ensures that your battery capacity remains unchanged for a long time.

If your device supports a removable battery, always check and make sure there are no damages to your batteries before you fix them as that may pose a safety risk. Also, keep your batteries dry. Never use a wet battery. Ideally, you need to keep your batteries in a dry box away from sunlight and water.



E-liquids are essential for every vaping session. You can’t vape without e-juice. To guarantee that you can continue to get the same rich flavor from your e-liquids, you need to maintain it. There are different ways to take care of your e-juice. To begin, never expose your e-liquid to direct sunlight or keep the bottle without its lid for a long time. In high temperatures, the flavor concentrates in your e-juice breaks down, and it loses its taste. Some people choose to keep their e-liquids in the fridge, but this isn’t really necessary. You can put your e-liquid in a cool, dry place like a drawer or cupboard shelf.

You need to create a schedule for cleaning your vape kit, perhaps once every week or every two weeks. Take the time to clean your device if there are any spills or buildup of dirt on it. One way to keep your device clean and in good condition is to store it properly when it is not in use. Ensure the tank is empty before you store the device. If the tank is not empty, keep the tank upright and do not store it like that for a prolonged period.


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