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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

4 Vaping Apps That Will Change Your Life - eJuice.Deals

4 Vaping Apps That Will Change Your Life

A few days ago, I was trying to find an app that would help me track the life of my coil (how many days it lasted me, which juices seemed to clog the coils over a period of time, and when I last changed my coil. Sadly, I didn’t find any such app, but I did stumble across five pretty awesome apps that I’m excited to share with you. Apps clutter our smartphones, whether it be games, music, social media, etc., but here are some apps that can greatly benefit vapers of all experience levels. There are several vaping websites I frequently visit and enjoy, but these apps? Totally new to me, and I’m betting they’ll be new to some of you as well! Let’s check out these five vaping apps and see if one (or all!) of them can make a difference in the way you vape.


Introduced in 2018, Vaffle was created with a site called Heavengifts. Unfortunately, Apple has since removed Vaffle from the App Store, but Android users are still in luck! Android users can download Vaffle free of charge in the Play Store. A lot of vaping posts and content are being suppressed due to Instagram’s privacy policies, especially since vaping products are age-restricted. Instead of forcing you to accept the fate of not being able to post vaping content online, Vaffle allows you to post up anything related to vaping. You’ll see Instagram vape celebrities and YouTube reviewers on this platform and feel right at home in these cloud-themed posts!

One of the coolest things about this app is that it uses a similar interface to many social media apps. You’ll have access to a personal feed, a general feed, and, my personal favorite, a vape review tab! Short videos can be uploaded directly to the app, while longer videos from YouTube can be linked from your account.

There’s also a section dedicated explicitly for vape tool information. If you make your own e-juice, there’s a vape calculator, vape diary, DIY e-liquid section, and several other tools. You can connect with other vapers by posting which brands are your favorite, your personal setup, and hardware you’ve used in the past.

Keep in mind that, as with any new app, there are bugs that occasionally pop up. However, a quick note to the development team usually results in a follow-up and a resolution of the issue. If you’re looking for an app similar to Instagram and Facebook that’s dedicated to vaping for social media, head on over to your Play Store to download the Vaffle app today!


Without getting too technical, Ohm’s law states, “ in an electrical circuit, the current passing through a resistor between two points, is related to the voltage difference between the two points, and are related to the electrical resistance between the two points.” Ohm’s is crucial for vapers who like to build their own coils. Whether you use clapton or kanthal, prefer a high or low resistance, or use a squonker or RDA, you must have an understanding of Ohm’s law before building your coils.

While I realize that there are countless Ohm's law and resistance calculator apps on both the iOS and Android platform, The Ohm’s Law app offers a simplistic approach that is unmatched by any other app I’ve seen. The app does use apps to generate revenue, but you can drop $0.99 to ban those apps forever.

This app is especially useful to vape newbies, as it helps to calculate power, wattage, current, resistance, and voltage with two values. If you prefer to build your coils with low resistance and high power, this app offers a safe (and free!) way to do that.


Since we mentioned an app that only works for the iOS platform, now it’s time to show Android users some love! This appropriately named tool offers a way to safely and effectively build coils by measuring the ohms, as well as calculating the resistance and utilizing a battery life calculator. This app combines three vape tools in one to make a vaper’s life that much easier.

One of my favorite things about this app is the juice mixing and recipe function. If you’ve ever been curious about creating your own vape juice but don’t know where to start, this app will be perfect for you. We upload DIY vape recipes from time to time, so now you have a place to log and store all of these homemade e-juice recipes.


Many vapers have grown tired of the brand name e-liquids or prefer a specific flavor with a strong taste that just doesn’t seem to exist in vape shops near them. These brave vapers embark down the path of DIY e-liquids, following recipes with the sharp precision found by master bakers.

That’s why the E-liquid Recipe app becomes a crucial part of vapers who like to make their own vape juices. You can search for specific flavor profiles, edit the VG/PG levels, change the nicotine levels, toggle different amounts, and see other vaper feedback before you make the e-juice yourself. You can also upload recipes that you create, along with a description and emojis that describe your flavor’s profile.

I’ve used this website to search for themed vape juice, such as pumpkin flavors in the fall, cookie flavors for the holidays, and peach flavors (both fruit and candy) since that’s my favorite. Being able to use the app on an Android platform is awesome, but you can always use the website in your browser for iOS devices as well.


Some of you may have noticed that there are quite a lot more options for Android users rather than iOS users. There’s a reason for that. Many of you remember the vape crisis of 2019, where “vapers” were claiming serious illnesses directly related to vaping. It was later determined that these users had added illegally obtained THC (which included the dangerous Vitamin E acetate) to their vape pod cartridges in order to experience a better vaping “high.”

Unfortunately, the damage had already been done. Lawmakers across the country called for bans, insane tax rates, and better age-appropriate marketing. This resulted in JUUL pulling all of their vape flavors off the market, while other companies immediately renamed their fruit and sweets e-liquids to something less appealing, as well as removing certain food and dessert images off their labels. While this was definitely a good thing, the vape industry maintains that their products were created for adults and never deliberately enticed underage users to take up vaping. The vaping health crisis was a result of overexcited media looking to point the finger at vapers and announce once and for all that “vaping is bad for you.”

The real reason for the vaping health crisis was not properly documented and as a result, many people still firmly believe that vaping is responsible for a plethora of health issues. There is still much testing that needs to be done, in terms of long-term effects, medical studies, and proper documentation of said results.

Side note: I once had a complete stranger pull up to me as I was vaping outside of my job and scold me for vaping, saying that it was bad for me. I simply replied with, “why is it bad for me?” and she had nothing to say. She was simply parroting what she’d heard and assumed. It still angers me to this day the audacity of strangers to think they know everything, but I digress. Back to why Apple removed vape apps from the App Store.

Apple’s response to this vaping crisis was to remove nearly every vaping app off of the iOS platform, save for “Quit Smoking” apps and certain cannabis-centered apps. Apple claimed to be doing this for public health reasons, but it was later rumored that they only wanted to improve their public image. As of November 2019, nearly all vaping apps were completely removed from the Apple Store. While Apple may have truly believed they were doing the right thing, the complete removal of all things vape-related from the App Store made it more difficult for vapers to create e-liquid recipes, safely build coils, and document their vape experiences properly.


If you’re an Android user, I genuinely hope that these apps are a help to your daily vaping sessions and can help you become a vaper user. If you’re a iOS user, many of these apps are also available by using a web browser. Perhaps one day vape apps will once again be allowed on the App Store, but until then, we’ll be using web browsers to check out the vape tools we know, love, and need.

What are your thoughts about Apple’s response to vape apps in the App Store? Have you tried any of these apps or installed them after reading this article? Let us know in the comments below! Here at, we strive to provide the best vaping experience possible. Whether it be from staff recommendations, e-liquid reviews, DIY vape juice recipes, or updated information about vape news, we’re always looking for ways to help you. If you have any questions or concerns about this article or your next prospective vape juice, you can always reach out to us via social media, email, or phone. We look forward to hearing from you! Check back with us soon to see our next post, but until then, we hope that your tank is full of your favorite e-juice, and we hope that your clouds are delicious and full of flavor!

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