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4 Fun Things to Know About the Top Vape Juice Brands

If you are one of the 1.1 billion vapers out there, then you know perhaps one of the best parts about vaping is picking the flavor. The market is full of options ranging from sweet, sour, and just plain weird!

In this article, we're diving head first into some of the top vape juice brands. We'll uncover all their cools facts including how they started and their fun flavors. These brands are well known for their strangely delicious flavors but don't worry; you won't find anything bizarre like Doritos or Windex flavors here.

Grab your vape box; we're getting started.


Four Fun Facts About Vape Juice Brands

Ever vaper has their favorite brand, but these four juice brands have been highly rated in terms of quality, flavor, and value for your money.

Let's check out more about these brands!

1. Cosmic Fog Vapors

Did you know that Cosmic Fog Vapors spends, on average, 7-10 month individually crafting each one of their flavors? Once blended, the founders use the new flavor non-stop to ensure only the perfect blend of flavors reaches the customers. You'll never get tired of these crafted flavors as they claim they stand the test of time.

2. Naked 100

It hard to believe that only two years ago in the heart of southern California, this leading vape lab came to fruition. Naked 100 is well known all over the vape scene for creating all kind of intricate flavors from sweet to salty to rich.

They have even begun to introduce yogurt flavors. Their popular flavors include original fruit, salt, cream, fusion, tobacco, menthol, and ice.

3. Charlie's Chalk Dust

The CEO, Brandon Stump created all-day vapes in interesting flavors in that he wouldn't get sick of in hopes that he could quit smoking. Since he started making vape juice, he hasn't smoked a cigarette since. The first five flavors of the juice were: PB & Jesus, Slamberry, Banana Brule, Orange Blossom, and Dream Cream.

Brandon, thinking nothing of it, distributing the juice to his friends, one of which smoked it in a local vape shop. Once the shop owner got a whiff, he asked to try it. He immediately loved it and requested bottles on the spot.


MYLK is a brand created by the company Brewell Manufacturing in Los Angelos. The inspiration behind their brand came from the culture, food, music, and good people they surround themselves with. You can almost taste the positivity and good vibes in the flavors.

A newer brand to the scene, MYLK has intoxicatingly delicious flavored inspired by the sweetness of condensed milk. You can find tastes like banana, caramel almond, green tea, melon, strawberry, and of course the original condensed milk flavor.

What's Your Favorite Brand?

Can't shell out for the expensive vape juice brands? Don't worry; we've collected the seven best cheap E-juices that'll have you wondering why you ever spent a dime on the other stuff. Check out the article here.

We understand if you're overwhelmed with all the choices and flavors, we've been there. For more information on what brands to choose, mods to pick from, or general vaping facts, head over to our blog for all the latest vape info.

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