Holy Cannoli | French Toast Review

Holy Cannoli | French Toast Review
Ahhh breakfast. The most important meal of the day. Yet a lot of us busy adults simply don’t have time for the yummy morning favorites. Well look no further. What better way to have breakfast than to vape it? This succulent e-juice tastes just like how Mom used to make it, sprinkled with cinnamon and covered with with syrup. And the flavor is wonderfully strong, which is something not a lot of flavors can brag about. You can almost taste the cinnamon flakes on your tongue with every puff of clouds. And what wonderful clouds they are! The 70/30 VG/PG blend makes this flavor incredibly sweet and breakfast-y. adding a wonderful zing to your collection of morning favorites. The liquid is slightly thick so be careful not to sacrifice your coils for the sake of this syrupy treat. The 3 MG of nicotine offer a soft throat hit, but just pretend it’s the cinnamon tickling your taste buds and you won’t even remember it has nicotine in it. The scent of the cinnamon french toast isn’t that strong when you open the bottle, but that makes it such a pleasant surprise when the first puff hits hard with the liquid breakfast goodness. This goes really well with a morning coffee and continues to delight your senses throughout the day. Move over, IHOP and Denny’s! Holy Cannoli French Toast is here to stay!
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