Fresh & Sour E-Juice - Watermelon Blast Review

Fresh & Sour E-Juice - Watermelon Blast Review

Watermelon is one of those tricky flavors to properly capture into an e-juice flavor. You either end up with an overly sweet flavor, or lose it entirely when combining it with other flavors. This 60 mL bottle of e-juice definitely gets closer to the mark of having a really good watermelon e-juice.

With this flavor, there is definitely more of a light watermelon, almost like flavored water or bottled pure watermelon juice. The 3MG of nicotine is almost nonexistent, so if you’re worried about an overpowering throat hit, the clear liquid and watery consistency should immediately alleviate your fears. This wasn’t one of my favorite e-juices, only because I like a little more flavor in my e-juice. Also, the sour is very difficult to detect, maybe a slightly sour aftertaste.

Aside from the lack of an puckering sour, there definitely is a light and airy watermelon taste, just as an actual watermelon is in the summer. I would recommend this as a summer vape or as a calming vape. The VG/PG ratio is a 70/30 so the cool clouds will definitely bring a zen to your vaping experience.


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