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Mi-pod Ultra Portable Starter Kit

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The Mi-Pod by Smoking Vapor is a compact pod system that supports both refillable and replaceable pods with a 2ml Ejuice capacity so you can refill the top-fill pods with your favorite eliquid without having to rely on the more costly pre-filled pods. The manual auto-draw, top air flow system, only requires inhalation to activate after the unit is initially turned on. The system includes a 950mAh built-in battery that has enough power to last you all day and more. A three light LED battery indicator lets you know your current battery level and the vertical viewing window let's you know exactly how much more juice is in the tank. This All-in-one pod system is ultra portable and perfect for travel and carrying all day.

Features :

  • All In One, Top Fill design with Anti Leak System
  • Replaceable & Refillable Cartridges
    • 2ml Tank Capacity
    • Vertical Viewing Window
  • Compact Size and Long battery Life
    • One 950mah Lithium Rechargeable Battery
    • Charged via Micro USB (Included)
  • LED Battery Life Indicator Ring
    • Blue - 3.7 to 4.2V = Full Battery
    • Purple - 3.4 to 3.7 = 50% Battery
    • Red - 3.4V = Low Battery
  • Draw Activated
  • Direct Voltage Output
    • 0.5 to 3.5 ohm Atomizer Resistance
    • Output Based on Resistance & Battery State
    • On and Off Capable
  • Stealth Mode and 10 Second Cut-off

Includes :

  • 1 Mi-Pod Device
  • 2 Refillable Pods
  • 1 Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 1 Users Manual


This is an advanced user item. Use at your own risk! Please ensure that proper precautions are taken when using such devices. There is an inherent risk with the use of any and all rechargeable batteries in any circumstance.

What is Mi-Pod?

Mi-pod is the revolutionary pod smoke system created in 2008 by Smoking Vapor, now known as Mi-One Brands. Co-founders Amir Hakak and Geoff Habicht created Mi-One brands to change the way adults vape with high-performance devices.

Mi-Pod has been taking the market by storm with its sleek design and easy to use. The mi-Pod starter kit is the perfect pocket-sized vape system for all vapers. With stunning colors like gold metal, digital orange, digital blue, black metal, rainbow metal, and digital black, there is a color for everyone.

Mi pods have a sleek pocket-sized system that allows a customer to use both vape juice and nic salts in the 2ml pod. The refillable pods allowed users to fill the Mi-pod with their favorite e-liquids. Mi-pod also supports replacement pods for users not interesting in refilling their leak-proof pods themselves.

Me pod comes with a 950 mAh battery, letting user vape all day long and recharge with a micro USB when needed. The pod also comes with a three-color battery system indicator, giving detailed insight on when the battery needs to be charged. Blue LED light means the battery is full, purple the battery is half full, and red shows low battery.

Mi-pod has a groundbreaking patented OAS system allowing for the oil and air separated. This vaping device it good for beginners and veterans alike with their quick start button, click five times to turn the device on and five times to turn it off. The Mi-pod has no fire button allowing for a draw-activated smoking experience.

Their starter kit provides everything a new Mi-pod user might need with a stunning variety of different colors to choose from. Colour collections include the metal collection, digital collection, and the new gentleman’s collection. The mi pod also comes with some safety features like a ten-second shut-off, heating protection, low resistance, and low voltage protection.

How much is Mi-Pod?

For both new pod system users and veterans, the Mi-pod starter kit is a great way to go. Priced at 49.99 USD regular price for the starter kits coming with everything needed to vape. The starter kit includes the Mi-pod itself available collections like the digital collection featuring digital blue, digital orange, and digital black. As well as the metal collection with favorites like black metal, gold metal, and rainbow metal.

The starter kit also includes 2 refillable pods with a tank that can hold 2ml of liquid. The Mi-pod, some with an all in one top-fill design, with an anti-leak system. Users will not have to worry about their favor leaking out of their pods once it had been refilled.

Mi-pod also offers a second starter kit called the Gentleman’s collections. This collection is for users looking for more of a sophisticated look to their oil and air pod system. Available in digital black, light brown suede, carbon fiber, and grey suede. The gentleman collections put out 4.2 v of power when the system is at full battery.

How long does a Mi-pod last?

The Mi-Pod system holds 2ml of e-liquid in one of their refillable pods. Reviews say that a 2ml pod will last one day with heavy use and two days with moderate use of smoking pod. This is unique to each smoker, a heavy smoker might go through a pod fast than light to a moderate smoker.

The mi-pod starter kit also states that the pod can be used with nicotine salt, vape liquid, and freebase nicotine. Since nic salts have a higher nicotine strength, this is also a factor in how long the pod will last.

For the average user using nic salts, 1ml is equal to roughly one package of cigarettes. So using that estimation, the average user should get an average of two cartons of traditional cigarettes. If a user smoked a pack a week on average, a 2ml pod should last for two weeks. If a user smoked less, they may extend the life of their pod for up to four weeks with light use of the mi pod.

Unlike some other vapes on the market, the high-performance battery in the Mi-pod allowed users to smoke two full pods before noticing a decrease in vapor due to the battery draining. So if the user is smoking 1 ml a day then it is possible to have the mi pod lasts up to four days.

Users note that with the decrease of the power in the unit leads to the decrease of vapor they get when smoking. This can be solved by taking longer pulls the lower the power gets, or by charging the unit up to full power again. Overall, the battery on a Mi pod will last for the length of time it takes a user to smoke two of their 2 ml pods.

There are some ways that users can extend the life of their devices. First, monitor your usage. The mi pod system is simple to use leading users to smoke more than they may realize. Second, for heavy smokers consider using nic salt liquid in the device, this will allow more nicotine intake while smoking less.

The refillable pods themselves also have a life span according to the Mi-pod website. The Mi-pod website states that their 2ml refillable pods can be refilled up to five times equalling 10mL of liquid without comprising the user experience. They offer tips on how to prolonging the life of the pods as well. Mipod suggests using lighter color liquids when refilling and avoiding liquid that is overly sweet as this can discolor.

Can you put regular vape juice in a Mi-pod?

When we talk about regular, vape juice we are referring to freebase nicotine. This is the most common type of nicotine liquid on the market. Freebase nicotine comes in 3mg, 6mg, and 12 mg strength. The second type of e-liquid is called nic salts, which can contain more nicotine than freebase liquid as well as provide a smoother smoking experience.

The Mi-pod starter kit in digital black with their oil and air separated system states that users can use both freebase nicotine liquid and nicotine salts. This is ahead of market trends and puts the device in a unique category, allowing users to use all kinds of liquid without needing to change their devices. Making the Mi-pod system an impressive device for all users.

Customer Reviews
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Cyndi Busch
Mi Pod

Mouth piece gets hot. Noisy. Mouth tip too short. Can barely taste the flavor. Sad. I love the disposable Elf Bar and was hoping to get a refillable pod that had strong flavor :(

Megan B.
So far I'm loving this

So far I'm loving this device! The perfect size for someone who likes a smaller device. Easy to refill the pods. Haven't had any issues with leaking thus far. Would recommend for vapers new to the whole pod system because its easy to use.

Taylor W.
great product

did you get your card from the bank and then i was the day you got to go to get your car and then you can come over and get it

Carol Z.
Love my Mi

Love my Mi

Kim P.
love it

it works great

``` ```

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