WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Hi-Drip Mango Peach Ejuice

Hi-Drip's Mango Peach is a mouthwatering blend of mango and peach flavor. This is a premium e-juice that was made with top quality ingredients. You can tell that you're in for a treat from your very first puff.

Bottle Size: 100ml | Ratio: 70/30  |  Flavor Type: Sweets 

Full Flavor Description

Mango Peach by Hi-Drip will give you a delightful vaping experience. It has a tropical candy flavor. You can tell that this e-juice was crafted by expert vapers because it tastes just like the real thing. Mango Peach is recommended for vapers with sweet tooth cravings. It has a well-balanced taste that is easy to fall in love with. You can vape this e-liquid all day long without getting sick of how it tastes.

When vaping Hi-Drip's Mango Peach, you can taste the sweet ripe mango and crisp peach flavor on the inhale. These two-flavor come together beautifully to give you an electrifying flavor. On the exhale, the sweetness of the candy flavor is pronounced. The chewy candy flavor complements the delectable natural fruit flavor.