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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Chubby Bubble Razz eJuice

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Bubble Razz Ejuice by Chubby Bubble Vapes features a soft and sweet blue raspberry sauce, delicately swirled into a thick square of chewy bubblegum!

Treat your vape taste buds to a truly delightful candied fruit flavor and blow flavorful puffy clouds that rival any chewing gum bubble you can imagine!

Chubby Bubble Razz Description

Bubble Razz steps up to the plate and swings for the fences with an all-day flavor for any time you crave a mouth-quenching bubble! The secret blue faeries have done the honor of preserving this delicious flavor for your vape taste buds. Stolen from the red raspberry bushes in the blue of the midnight hours, these blue raspberries reflect their stolen qualities and deliver a delicious reminder that purloined fruit hints of darker things. These sweet blue raspberries get pounded and crushed until nothing but a chunky blue raspberry compote remains. This delicious blue raspberry sauce gets slowly poured into a vat of bubbling liquid, ready to transform an ordinary candy into an extraordinary sweet treat your vape taste buds will adore.

The blue raspberry liquid bubblegum is poured into a mold, where it cools and is cut into fat squares, perfect for chewing gum experts to exercise their jaws on! Enjoy a premium eliquid that has been crafted with candy and fruit lovers in mind, offering a succulent flavor of sweet blue raspberries folded into a juicy bubblegum square! Take your vape game to the next level as you puff on a delicious fruit and candy eliquid, featuring ripe and juicy blue raspberries on the inhale, and a sweet and chewy bubblegum flavor on the exhale!

Customer Reviews

Based on 145 reviews
Kenneth Harmon
The best juice on the market

Taste's almost the same as it did before just a little off not as much razor flavoring in these as there used to be still tastes amazing

My ADV from the beginning of my vape years

I've been vaping for approx. 10 years and 9 of those have been nothing but Chubby Blue Razz. Hand to God, I $h!t you not, this wonderfully unique, delicious juice and nothing else. My logic is simple, when/if you were a smoker, you didn't change from brand to brand everytime you bought a pack of cigarettes did you? No, of course not! Smokers are loyal to their brand, believe me, I know. I smoked Marlboro light 100's for over 30 years and the only time I "tried " to quit, I did. I put it behind me. I instantly became an ex-smoker. Well, there were a few difficult days but failure was NOT an option for me. I couldn't live with myself knowing I failed at this. I knew it was important for my psychological health. I used tools provided for me by my Dr and quit. Picked up vaping about 6 months later. I did the buying different juices at first then I went to a vape show in St. Charles MO. Found the booth for Chubby and it's all been a close relationship with Chubby blue razz since! It makes a great adv because it's not super acidic, sweet, sour, etc. For me it's not too anything. There's plenty at my local shops (3) because I have convinced them to carry it. I've told them, if they carry it I will purchase it from them. I do that even though it's more expensive than buying online. But they've admitted that since I got them to carry it, it's become one of their favorite juices in the store! Where's my commission??? 😂
I love my Chubby Blue Razz juice, always have, always will!! 💗😍💗

Chad L.
Blue Razz

Awesome juice! I've been vaping this juice for quite some time and haven't burned out on it yet. This juice has a strong impact on the taste buds with a prominent sharp
Blue Raspberry on the inhale, which is very clean, non chemical tasting and a perfect mix of blue razz and original bubble gum on the exhale. It's my only go to for this flavor profile. Chubby Bubble will always be a favorite.

logan weaver
Best I’ve had

By far, hands down the best e juice in my collection. I’ve been through 6 bottles and it doesn’t get old. Not too sweet, tons of flavor. The tastes like bubbalicious gum. It’s amazing

Cheyenne Bennett

Chubby Bubble Razz eJuice