WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

BLVK Unicorn BLVK 4 Pack Bundle

Flavor Description<

UniApple, UniChew, UniDew, and UniLoop by BLVK Unicorn BLVK have been some of the most sought-after fruit and sweets flavored ejuices in the entire vaping industry. Save a bundle with our four pack and puff on the sweet scents of UniApple, UniChew, UniDew, and UniLoop for as long as your vape taste buds desire!

Bottle Size:​ 240ml​ (4x 60ml) | Ratio:​​​ 80/20 ​​|​​ Flavor Type:​​​ Fruit and Sweets ​

About BLVK Unicorn ​​| Brand Description​​​

BLVK Unicorn infiltrates every possible niche of the ejuice market, with flavors for every flavor profile. BLVK Unicorn CHBY features two smooth flavors (CRMY Strawberry and PRPL Grape), while BLVK Unicorn FRZN attacks the menthol version of e liquids ( FRZN Apple, FRZN Berry, FRZN Chee, and FRZN Mango). BLVK Unicorn BLVK delivers two fresh fruits flavors (UniApple and UniDew) and a sweet favorite (UniChew). BLVK Unicorn WYTE settles in with two desserts (UniNuts and UniCake) and a fresh fruit flavor (UniCoco). And now puff on BLVK Unicorn Salts! Sample each of these delicious flavors and puff on clouds as rare as the BLVK Unicorn himself!

Full Flavor Description

What makes UniApple, UniChew, UniDew, and UniLoop by BLVK Unicorn BLVK so great?

First up we have UniApple, where the first bite of the apple is always the best...now with this flavor you can always feel like you're experiencing that first bite! Tart and crisp and juicy, this flavor promises to keep your clouds beautiful, puffy, and fruit scented.

Next we have UniChew, a delicious cherry chew, bursting with juicy flavor. Oh, your taste buds are salivating and your bare tank is crying for such a flavor! Fear not, these delicious dreams can quickly become your reality!

Thirdly, we have UniDew, a delicacy derived from the subtly sweet and very attractive honeydew melon. Not only does the flavor taste good, but the scent of these clouds will transport you through a lazy haze of honeydew-scented clouds that are inexplicably juicy!

And finally, we have UniLoop! Dive into a sweet bowl of fruit looped cereal, where sweet creamy milk and Saturday morning cartoons await your clouds in breathy puffs! Coax your clouds through loops of sweet fruity cereal and land right in a fresh bowl of milk as you enjoy a nostalgic flavor of deliciousness.