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Enjoy a cooled sticky sweetness with the Pennywise Iced Out eJuice by Bad Drip Labs today! This e-liquid features a delicious blend of juicy watermelon and succulent strawberry flavors stuck together by a sugary chewy bubblegum concoction and smoothed out with a cool menthol sensation at the finish!

Brand: Bad Drip Labs | Bottle Size: 60ml | Ratio: 75/25 | Flavor Type: Fruit, Sweet, Menthol

Bad Drip Labs Pennywise Iced Out Ejuice Description

This scary e-liquid concoction brings frozen life to your vape tank, ready to infuse the chilly goodness of icy watermelon, chilly strawberries, and chilled bubblegum all in one! These watermelons are harvested in the dead of winter, each swollen melon covered in a thick layer of snow. The gnarly vines have twisted all over the ripe yet frozen fruits, and almost seemed to claw at our gloves to prevent us from harvesting the chilly melons. Next, the icy strawberries had to be hauled out from a dark forest, with spooky shadows and whistling winds scaring our vape chemists half to death.

These strawberries were worth the fright, but somehow manage to keep an eerie chill with every puff! But neither of these fruits were quite as scary as the bubblegum! The sticky sweet bubblegum mix seemed to bubble and churn with a terrifying speeds, threatening to pull us right into the vat if we got to close. The bubbles popped and you swore you could hear maniacal laughter with every pop. Try out this fiendish clown e-liquid today and treat your taste buds to a truly terrific blend of frozen watermelon chunks, icy strawberries, and frosty bubblegum, known as Pennywise Iced Out by Bad Drip Labs!

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