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Aqua Synthetic Drops Menthol eJuice

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Aqua Synthetic Drops Menthol eJuice features a wintry blend of frozen strawberry, icy apple, chilled orange, snowy lemon, and cool grape flavors. Take your taste buds on an arctic adventure through the clouds with this deliciously cool and fruity vape juice, available in 3mg or 6mg synthetic nicotine strength at eJuice Deals! 

Brand: Aqua Synthetic | Bottle Size: 60ml | Flavor Type: Sweet, Menthol

Aqua Synthetic Drops Menthol Ejuice Description

Discover a world where snowy rainbows kiss the sky, and the arctic chill of winter breathes life into your clouds with every puff. That’s exactly what Aqua Synthetic Drops Menthol eJuice delivers with this icy blend of frozen fruit flavors and synthetic nicotine. Synthetic nicotine allows you to taste more of that delicious flavor without the harsh throat hit that traditional nicotine has. For flavor chasers and beginner vapers, synthetic nicotine is the perfect option to enjoy your favorite all-day flavor. 

We started off by heading to the frozen tundra of Antarctica, in search of the legendary frozen fruit trees that dotted the continent. We landed on the icy shores, strapped on our snowshoes, and set off on a wintry adventure. We spied apple trees thoroughly coated with a thick sheet of ice, the fat fruits clinking together noisily in the breeze. Next, we found orange and lemon trees weighed down by the snowy citrus that lined their branches. At the base of the trees, we discovered snowy strawberry patches with icy berries that resembled glittering rubies against the pure white snow. Lastly, we noticed an overgrown vineyard with fat grape clusters completely covered by freshly fallen snow. We dusted off the flakes, stuffed each of these frozen fruits into the 60mL vape juice bottle you see before you, and blended each bottle with 3mg or 6mg synthetic nicotine strength. Enjoy the finest flavors that summer fruits and winter menthol have to offer in Aqua Synthetic Drops Menthol eJuice at eJuice Deals!

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