Ethos Vapors E-Juice | 3 Pack Bundle


$36.00 $60.00
SKU: FVD-05503

Make the most out of this Ethos Vapors E-Juice 3-Pack Bundle, which allows you to get three bottles of Ethos E-Juice for a super low price. Ethos E-Juice has quietly been a top seller for the past year, and they continue to deliver. We urge you to pick up this 3-Pack so that you can enjoy this bundle of THREE flavors. You receive one of each flavor:

  • Crispy Treats: A puffed rice and marshmallow treat that delivers a truly authentic taste, making for the perfect all-day-vape.
  • Strawberry Crispy Treats: Not just your average crispy treat, this strawberry infused puffed rice and marshmallow treat will your taste buds thanking you.
  • Green Apple Crispy Treats: Yet another edition to your favorite Ethos line, Green Apple smashed together in a glorious rice crispy treat that will make you grin ear to ear.

With each flavor comes a new crispy treat flavor comes a spin on an old time classic that you used to enjoy so much in your younger days. Try all three flavors in this 3-Pack bundle of Ethos Vapors E-Juice.

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