3 Pack Bundle | VTMN E-Juice

VTMN eLiquid

From the makers of The Schwartz eLiquid and Naked100 line, comes VTMN eLiquid.

The VTMN eLiquid juice line focuses on bringing you unique fruity flavors that will leave you craving for more.

Building off the line’s positive reception, the Schwartz continues to spread the word and grow within the vaping community, winning over vapers one bottle at a time.


Purple eLiquid – If you love berries then look no further, this is a sweet and citrus vape that touches your tongue with flavor.

Fire eLiquid – This is a fruit lovers dream, if you have been wanting a natural tasting dragon fruit vape, this has to be the closest you’ll get.

Island eLiquid – If you’re wanting a tropical blend with fresh ripe flavors and a nektar so sweet and ripe then look no further.

Type: eJuice

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