WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

One Hit Wonder Magic Man

Flavor Description 

Magic Man by One Hit Wonder has been one of the most sought-after dessert flavored ejuice in the entire vaping industry. Watch closely as you can pull sweet and chewy gummy bears right out of your vape tank and marvel at the sweet candy flavor that fills your clouds!

Ratio:80/20 | ​Bottle Size:100ml | ​Bottle Type:​Chubby Gorilla | ​Flavor Type:Candy  

One Hit Wonder |Brand Description

One Hit Wonder is one of the largest and most reputable brands in the vaping industry. They took the market by storm with Magic Man by offering high quality premium eliquid in 120ml for about the same price as 100ml. Some would say that they arguably started the race to the bottom. Magic Man is one their most popular and exciting flavors keeping One Hit Wonder one of the dominant players in vape. 

Full Flavor Description

What makes Magic Man by One Hit Wonder so great? In a delightful magic show of flavor, Magic Man whips out his famous black top hat and hides his face in a myriad of clouds, masking his tricks in the sweet scent of chewy gummy bears! Watch as he pulls a gummy bear out of his tall top hat, seemingly out of thin air! Dark clouds envelope the stage as he attempts to saw one of these gummy bears in half. Gasps fill the audience as the box swings open, and alas! Only have of the gummy bear remains! Thunderous applause, heads roll, and sheer magic has entered into his tent tonight! With this delightful flavor of Magic Man by One Hit Wonder, you too can attempt wondrous feats of magic as you surround yourself in light and puffy clouds, bursting with strong flavor and hiding your sleight of hand from your eager audience. One Hit Wonder needs no introduction; for outstanding candy flavor that satisfies your insatiable cravings for magically delicious gummy bears, snag a bottle today and keep your tank brimming with flavorful sweet and deliciously scented candy clouds, compliments of Magic Man by One Hit Wonder!

*This product is made with Salt Nicotine (Low Content)*