WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Naked 100 Menthol | 3 Pack Bundle

Flavor Description

Brain Freeze, Very Cool, and Frost Bite by Naked 100 Menthol have been some of the most sought-after frozen fruit flavored ejuices in the entire vaping industry. Save a bundle with our three pack and puff on the icy sweet scents of chilled fruits by Naked 100 Menthol for as long as your vape taste buds desire!

Ratio:​ 70/30 | ​Bottle Size:​ 180ml​ (3x60) | ​Bottle Type:Glass Bottle | ​Flavor Type:​ Menthol

Brand:Naked 100 Menthol

Naked 100 Menthol | ​Brand Description

Naked 100 Menthol is one of the largest and most reputable brands in the vaping industry. They took the market by storm with Brain Freeze, Very Cool, and Frost Bite  by offering high quality premium eliquid in a three pack bundle, allowing for a vacation’s worth of clouds for a fraction of the price. Some would say that they arguably started the race to the bottom. Brain Freeze, Very Cool, and Frost Bite are their most popular and exciting flavors, keeping Naked 100 Menthol one of the dominant players in vape.


Full Flavor Description

What makes Naked 100 Menthol 3 Pack Bundle so great? Naked 100 believed in keeping all of the smooth and pure flavor, but getting rid of all the BS. In so doing, they crafted sweet and luscious flavors that offer pure naked flavor and 100% satisfaction. In creating the Candy Bundle, they sought to develop an eliquid that was as close the real candy as possible.

First up, we haveBrain Freeze.  Slices of frozen strawberries rain a hail of flavor on your vape tank, while chilled kiwis wreak icy havoc within your clouds. And to top off this mentholated trinity, the authentic Underworld fruit of the dead...the irresistible pomegranate! Imported straight from Hades’ lair, this morbid fruit comes bearing the icicles of Hell in each frozen blast, ready to delight you with icy clouds!

Secondly, we have Very Cool. In the dead of winter, frozen berries gleam in the icicles and peek out under snow-laden bushes. Frozen blackberries clink in the wind like air chimes, calling out to refresh your vape taste buds with a wintery embrace. Chilled raspberries beckon as they entice your clouds with the promise of icy berry sweetness. And cold blueberries dance in the moonlight as they dare you to take a breath of cool snow-capped berry delights.

And finally, we present to you, andFrost Bitelets you lose yourself in a frozen tundra where icy chunks of pineapple, cool spheres of balled honeydew melon, and chilled slices of sweet cantaloupe create an icy tropical paradise! This is one icy island getaway your taste buds won’t ever want to leave! With a blast of icy menthol wrapped around every fruit, you’ll get just the right amount of sweet with a cooling finish.