WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Lost Art 5 Pack Bundle

The Lost Art 5 Pack Bundle includes the wackiest plethora of flavors known to man, at least they were until this eliquid making art form was lost in time. 

Get 5x 120ml bottles, one of each flavor, for a combined total of 600ml's! Thats a crazy amount of juice for one crazy low price! 

Unicorn Puke is a hilarious byproduct of what happens when unicorns regurgitate rainbows: they produce rainbow sherbet ice cream! TTake your clouds to crazy good heaven with this hilariously named, incredibly tasty Eliquid.

Cottontail Cream features a heaping bowl of sliced and sugared strawberries, topped with a dollop of freshly whipped cream, much like a fluffy rabbit’s tail! Take your clouds to crazy good heaven.

Gummy Glu delivers a mischievous gang of gummy bears, intent on wreaking flavor havoc on your vape taste buds! The giant 120ml bottle won’t stay full for long with this incredibly tasty Eliquid.

Space Rocks lets you kick rocks into outer space: strawberry and kiwi sugared rocks that is!  Take your vape clouds into outer space with this out of this world flavor.

The Mystery Flavor channels your inner detective, with this puzzling dilemma of fruit or candy flavor. The only real mystery is wether you want it in a 0,3 or 6mg!