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Kilo Moo Series 4 Pack Ejuice Bundle

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Kilo Moo Series 4 Pack Ejuice Bundle features a four-pack of milky flavors, ranging from fruits and creams, espresso dreams, and all around savory sweetness! Treat your taste buds to crunchy almonds, smooth vanilla, rich coffee beans, sunkissed strawberries, and golden ripe bananas in every cloud!

Brand: Kilo Moo Series | Bottle Size: 240mL (4x60ml) & 400mL (4x100ml) | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Dessert

Kilo Moo Series 4 Pack Ejuice Bundle Description

First up, we have Vanilla Almond Milk. Enjoy the smooth and creamy flavor of three flavors in one! Fresh vanilla bean stalks are scraped clean and tapped into a bowl of warm milk, where they soak overnight. A finely ground powder of crunchy almonds are swirled in, delivering a soft nutty flavor that your taste buds will love. This smooth and creamy flavor brings back memories of the perfect coffee creamer, rich and full of flavor in every cloud!

Second, we have Coffee Milk. This flavor is perfect for the morning wake-and-vape sessions that get you ready to face the day! Bold and smooth coffee flavor is swirled into every cloud, packing that morning java into an eliquid masterpiece. Freshly ground coffee beans are the centerpiece of this flavor, pressed to cappuccino perfection and poured into a mug for your java cravings. Add a dash of cold milk and you may have just found your new favorite all-day vape!

Third in this quad pack, we have Strawberry Milk. Strawberries have long been an original vapers favorite, but now in a creamy eliquid! Heaping bushels of sunkissed strawberries are gathered in the heat of the morning sun, gleaming a ruby red in the sunlight. These succulent berries are mashed into a chunky compote and strained to leave behind a thick red strawberry sauce! This sweet and syrupy strawberry juice is swirled into a tall glass of farm fresh cream, presenting an authentic strawberry milk flavor that your taste buds will go wild for!

Last but never least, we have Banana Milk. We're not monkeying around with how delicious this flavor is! Bunches of golden ripe bananas are hauled in from the sweet shores of Mexico, soft and sweet and full of flavor. These exotic fruits are smooshed into a chunky banana mash, offering thick and creamy flavor in every forkful. This sweet mash gets plopped into a blender, where brimming cups of farm fresh cream are poured on top. Press the power button, wait a few moments, and voila! A sweet and creamy banana milk is ready for your enjoyment, promising sweet and flavorful clouds of deliciousness with every puff!

Customer Reviews
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Joseph B.

Great taste good value

Amanda H.
Amanda H

Light and smoothe. Some of the best juice ive had. Fast shipping and had a minor mix up but the support team took care of it immediately. Will definitely buy more.

Holly R.
Great company will continue 2

Great company will continue 2 order

Diane N.
Awesome deal and super fast

Awesome deal and super fast shipping. Will be ordering from them again

Michael G.
High Quality, Low, Low Price.

Strawberry Milk - 4.5/5.0
Vanilla Almond Milk - 4.5/5.0
Banana Milk - 4.0/5.0
Coffee Milk - 3.0/5.0

Overall I am very impressed with this lineup. The Strawberry Milk and the Vanilla Almond Milk were definitely my favorite and I would seek out and buy again. The Banana Milk was very good, however I'm not a huge fan of Banana vapes so the 100ml bottle I received will be enough. The Coffee Milk was vapeable and will certainly not go to waste but I don't really enjoy it either. It's smooth, creamy but the coffee note is a bit off. I've come to the conclusion that capturing the taste of coffee accurately in an e-liquid is damn near impossible. I also take my coffee strong and black so that would definitely not translate well into a flavor meant for vaping.
I am going to try the original line-up next. I remember seeing Kilo in early 2015 at ECC:VPX Niagara Falls when they were pretty much brand new. They were handing out samples of Cereal Milk and Dewberry Cream. I was certainly impressed with both of them, specifically the Cereal Milk. Back in 2015, premium juices were SO SO much more expensive though so I wouldn't vape these types of brands nearly as much.
It should be noted, in my opinion, Ejuice.Deals is a fantastic site and I find that their bundles and overall prices are much better than other competing sites. The only thing that would make it 100% perfect is if they had a free shipping option on orders over a certain amount, (ie. $75). I get it though, since the prices are so extraordinarily low. Thanks a bunch, guys!

PS-it should also be noted that ALL of these liquids are easy on the coils and that they are not loaded with artificial sweeteners. I have grown to HATE eliquid that is loaded with sweeteners. I wish that there was more indication as to "how clean" eliquids are in regards to coil longevity and such.

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