Holy Cannoli E-Liquid | 3 Pack Bundle

Holy Cannoli

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SKU: FVD-05494

Enjoy this wonderful bundle of heavenly flavors by Holy Cannoli E-Liquid. Each bundle includes one bottle of each flavor:

  • Pebbled Cannoli is a creamy, and delicious fruity pebble treat wrapped in a cannoli of everlasting flavor. This treat has definitely earned it's title of being Holy. Grab a bottle today!                                                                              
  • FRENCH TOAST - A nice warm soft French toast, drizzled with maple syrup and a pinch of cinnamon. You'll be amazed at the fullness of the entire flavor. Enjoy! 
  • Strawberry Cream Cannoli - A wonderfully sweet strawberry cream cannoli, topped with confectioner's sugar. This is a dream come true!

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