ELEAF | WISMEC | My Jet Eliquid Pod-5pk Unfilled


$15.00 $18.00

My Jet Eliquid Pod-5pk Unfilled by Eleaf and Wismec bring something interesting into the world of vaping. This semi-enclosed pod device lets you vape quietly without giving up all of your clouds. This would be ideal for indoor vaping or if you're not sure your guest is okay with "smoking." (Yeah we know this is an uphill battle...Vaping is NOT smoking). This small portable device gives beginner and intermediate vapers the satisfaction of vaping without giving up your daily puffs. Make sure to adjust your nicotine levels if you're looking for a stronger throat hit. Smaller clouds usually means less nicotine, so be mindful of how powerful you want that throat hit if you want to give this new little doohickey a try. Because c'mon, vaping is such a fun pastime...why not mix it up every once in a while?