WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Chubby Bubble Vapes Bubble Strawberry

Flavor Description

Bubble Strawberry by Chubby Bubble Vapes has been one of the most sought-after sweets flavored ejuice in the entire vaping industry. Sweet and chewy bubblegum flavored with ripe sun-warmed strawberries offers the perfect cloud of bubble bursting enjoyment!

​Bottle Size:​ 60ml | Ratio:​ 70/30 | ​ | ​Flavor Type:​ Sweets

Chubby Bubble Vapes | ​Brand Description

Chubby Bubble Vapes delivers a delightful rush of sweet bubblegum flavor in every cloud. Their bubbly lineup includes flavors like where fresh ripe fruits are gently infused into thick squares of bubble gum, ready to delight your vape taste buds in every puff. Check out their entire lineup featuring Bubble Apple, Bubble Melon, Bubble Purp, Bubble Razz, and Bubble Strawberry. When those bubble gum cravings hit, make sure you have a bottle of Chubby Bubble Vapes on hand to satisfy your sweet tooth cloud cravings.

Full Flavor Description

What makes Bubble Strawberry by Chubby Bubble Vapes so great? Inspired by the great Mr. Willy Wonka himself, this delightful sweet and juicy bubblegum flavor was created to allow for an all-day flavor that blows clouds bigger than any chewing gum available. This flavor features a summer paradise of sweet strawberries, hand plucked from the plethora of berry bushes trees that populate the farm. This delightful flavor bursts with real strawberry goodness, daring the adventurous ones to travel a sweet and luscious cloud-paved heaven where strawberries are first and foremost flavor in your clouds. Let your vape taste buds roam free under the bushes of strawberry-laden fruits, and stuff your face with delicious clouds! Each tart and juicy fruit was plucked from its bush and gathered in the warm summer sun, to ensure maximum freshness. Soft and sweet strawberries run wild in this flavor, and you can almost taste the sun in each delicious puff. With such wickedly juicy flavor, how could you not be intrigued? Take your vape taste buds on a strawberry infused adventure, and treat them to the clouds of the heavens. Chubby Bubble Vapes needs no introduction; snag a bottle today and keep your tank brimming with rich, succulent, and delicious clouds, compliments of Bubble Strawberry by Chubby Bubble Vapes!