WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Charlies Chalk Dust Black Jam Rock

Flavor Description

Jam Rock by Charlie's Chalk Dust Black has been one of the most sought-after sweets flavored ejuice in the entire vaping industry. This toxic mashup of sliced Granny Smith Apple blended with pop rocks delivers a taste your vape buds will sing to! With such a wickedly robust and refreshingly juicy fruit blend, no wonder this flavor is simply irresistible to vapers.

Bottle Size:​ 60ml | Ratio:​ 70/30 | Flavor Type: Sweets

Charlie's Chalk Dust Black | ​Brand Description

Charlie's Chalk Dust started out as a humorously named brand, meant to attract only the bravest of vapers who would eagerly spread the word that instead of dusty stale chalk dust, each of these flavors delivers rich and flavorful e-liquids hand-crafted to delight every palate. Charlie's Chalk Dust Black lineup features Head Bangin' Boogie, Jam Rock, King Bellman and Slam Berry. Charlie's Chalk Dust White showcases Big Berry, Black Ice, Mustache Milk, and Wonder Worm. Also check out their other brands The Creator Of Flavor, Pachamama, Stumps, and Meringue & The Family for a trip throughout fruits, desserts, sweets, tobacco, and menthol flavored clouds.

Full Flavor Description

What makes Jam Rock by Charlie's Chalk Dust Black so great? Jam Rocks lets you take a bit out of crime...the crime of not having this delicious flavor in your tank! Crunchy Granny Smith apples are soaked in sour sugar syrup for several days, then strained and squeezed over a bed of pop-rocks candy! This candied fruit flavor offers the tartness of a sweet fruit, and the sweetness of a fruity candy!Jam Rock slams down the fruit vape gauntlet with a sweet and candied delicacy, featuring the freshest of Granny Smith apples, and the purest of cane sugar. This fruit flavored vape ejuice delivers a breathy and gentle hit of the relaxing orchard inside a candy factory that your vape taste buds have been yearning for. Are you drooling yet? Charlie's Chalk Dust Black has created a flavor above the rest and strives to create ultimate satisfaction with every puff. Charlie's Chalk Dust Black needs no introduction; for gentle yet foreboding sweet flavor that satisfies your insatiable fruit cloud cravings, snag a bottle today and keep your tank brimming with rich, flavorful, and fruity clouds, compliments of Jam Rock by Charlie's Chalk Dust Black!