Bubbles Gum 3 Pack Bundle

Bubbles Gum

$30.00 $65.00

Explore this incredible Bubbles Gum Bundle Pack, which combines all three 60ML Bubbles Gum flavors for a total of 180ML worth of deliciously crafted e-liquid. What makes this marvelous deal even sweeter is that you're getting 180ML for only $30!

Bubbles Gum | Crimson Sweet E-Liquid: Enjoy 60ML of watermelon bubblegum inspired e-liquid. Take advantage of Bubbles Gum' brilliantly crafted gummy e-liquid flavor that's made up of a sweet watery taste of delicious summer infused watermelon.

Bubbles Gum | Mellow Yellow E-Liquid: Drench your taste buds with this 60ML bottle of orange bubble gum flavored e-liquid. This superb Mellow Yellow E-Liquid combines the delicious taste of a sweet orange flavor with an outstanding bubblegum candy flavor.

Bubbles Gum | Rosy Red E-Liquid: Blast through this 60ML bottle of strawberry flavored bubblegum e-liquid. Rosy Red E-Liquid is an outstanding flavor that gives a sense as if you've just taken a bite out of a juicy strawberry. This Rosy Red perfected flavor is sweet, delicious, and gives off that true and fulfilling bubblegum taste.