Bubba Jug 3 Pack Bundle

Bubba Jug

$47.99 $60.00

Jump into this amazing Bubba Jug E-Juice 3-Pack Bundle deal, which consists of Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy, Sour Green Apple, and Watermelon Bubble Gum. This awesome Bubba Jug E-Juice Bundle gifts three great flavors from such an amazing brand, allowing you to experience exactly what the Bubba Jug E-Juice brand is all about.

NOTE: Each bottle (3 bottles) contains 120ML of e-liquid, making a combined total of 360ML for $39.99.

Bubba Jug E-Juice | Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy: Experience the remarkable taste of Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy flavored e-liquid. It's an extremely delicious flavor that will have you eager to vape again and again.

Bubba Jug E-Juice | Sour Green Apple: If your taste buds favor the great flavor experience that green apple offers, you've got to try this Sour Green Apple flavored bubble gum e-liquid. It tastes just as great as it sounds!

Bubba Jug E-Juice | Watermelon: There's no doubt that at some point in your childhood you've bought some of that bubbalicious gum that offered a delicious watermelon candy flavor that made your mouth so wet you nearly started leaking. Watermelon by Bubba Jug E-Juice delivers the same taste, the same experience, but now available in a vape form!

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