WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

BLVK Unicorn FRZN Berry

Flavor Description Summary

BLVK Unicorn FRZN Berry has been one of the most sought-after fruit flavored e juice in the entire vaping industry. This chilly concoction of frozen berries, gently plucked from frozen bushes under the icy December sun. This powerful flavor draws upon several chilled berries to ensure you taste a plethora of fruits in one supremely delicious eliquid, making it a no-brainer why so many vapers love this flavor. You can almost imagine yourself wandering through the snow-capped berry-laden bushes, with a cool winter sun on your face and a chilly breeze swirling around you.

Bottle Size:​ 60ml | Ratio:​​​ 70/30 ​​|​​ Flavor Type:​​​ Menthol

About BLVK Unicorn ​​| Brand Description​​​

BLVK Unicorn infiltrates every possible niche of the ejuice market, with flavors for every flavor profile. BLVK Unicorn CHBY features two smooth flavors (CRMY Strawberry and PRPL Grape), while BLVK Unicorn FRZN attacks the menthol version of e liquids ( FRZN Apple, FRZN Berry, FRZN Chee, and FRZN Mango). BLVK Unicorn BLVK delivers two fresh fruits flavors (UniApple and UniDew) and a sweet favorite (UniChew). BLVK Unicorn WYTE settles in with two desserts (UniNuts and UniCake) and a fresh fruit flavor (UniCoco). And now puff on BLVK Unicorn Salts! Sample each of these delicious flavors and puff on clouds as rare as the BLVK Unicorn himself!

Full Flavor Description

What makes FRZN Berry so great? This e liquid features a plump blueberries, hearty strawberries, soft raspberries, and tart blackberries, freshly plucked in the heart of winter, complete with frosted ice glazed over each and every berry. This chilly treat ensures that every puff gives off a frozen bite as well as a berry blast. For all of our vapers who crave a delicious mentholated fruit flavor, look no further than FRZN Berry by BLVK Unicorn. This icy sweet treat is bursting with frozen sweetness utilizes all of the berry flavors to create a berry-licious vape experience. This chilled berry eliquid presents a powerfully strong aroma that dances from your lips and easily fills up a room with its pungent scent. FRZN Berry offers delicious mixed berry pleasure straight from the frosted-over berry bushes. This magnificent flavor delivers an eliquid that promises to delight your tastebuds with aromatic clouds. Treat your vape taste buds to an exotic journey as you chase clouds that both taste and smell simply out of this world! FRZN Berry by BLVK Unicorn needs no introduction; for outstanding fruit flavor that satisfies your fruit cloud cravings, snag a bottle today and enjoy fruit scented clouds for days.