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Big Bottle Co. Custard & Cream 2 Pack Ejuice Bundle

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Big Bottle Co. Custard & Cream 2 Pack features two decadent desserts in a two-pack bundle that will have your vape taste buds satisfied and your wallet full! Feast on a rich and creamy vanilla custard in one cloud, and a thick and buttery freshly baked cinnamon spice cake in the other! Dessert never vaped so good, and with a price like this, how can you possibly resist? 

Brand: Big Bottle Co. | Bottle Size: 240mL (2x120ml) | Ratio: 85/15 | Flavor Type: Dessert

Big Bottle Co. Custard & Cream 2 Pack Ejuice Bundle Description

First up, we have Good Ol' Custard Custard is very similar to pudding and features a bold and creamy flavor that your vape taste buds will absolutely adore! Heaping cups of farm fresh cream, whole milk, and exotic Tahitian vanilla are whisked until frothy. The liquid mixture gets poured into a pot and set on low heat to simmer. When the liquid is hot enough, the pan is removed from the heat to slightly cool. Next, several brown eggs and pure cane sugar are beaten until fluffy and slowly added to the liquid cream. Finally, the entire liquid is returned to the stove and set to simmer on low heat until the entire dessert thickens into a creamy custard! Smother your vape taste buds with a rich and creamy dessert that satisfies any sweet tooth craving any time of day. This rich and sweet dessert delivers a rush of smooth and decadent flavor for the vanilla lover in all of us.

And lastly, we have Cinnamon CreamPure cane sugar, softened butter, rich Tahitian vanilla, and spicy cinnamon come together to form the base of a rich and creamy cake batter! This sweet and sticky batter gets poured into a spring-loaded cake pan and is whisked into the oven to slowly bake into a decadent golden brown. Then the cake gets carefully removed from the piping hot oven and set on the windowsill to gently cool. While the cake cools, sweet melted butter, pure cane sugar, spicy cinnamon, and farm fresh cream are whipped together to form a rich and creamy cinnamon spice buttercream. This buttercream is generously spread over the entire cinnamon spice cake in thick and creamy waves. A thick wedge of buttery smooth cinnamon spice cake covered in rich and creamy cinnamon buttercream is stuffed into a 120mL bottle that your vape taste buds will go crazy for!

Customer Reviews
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Hope R.
Great Flavors

Great Flavor my Favorite over winter, You can taste the difference in custard & cream. Helps me stay away from real Sugar!
Ships Great this was my 3rd order & Company has responded to questions fast. Love them!

B H.
Best flavor! The only juice

Best flavor! The only juice I buy anymore.

Matthew K.
Decent for the price

The cinnamon cream was ok. I wasn’t a big fan of the custard flavor. Both juices have a weird aftertaste.

Alicia H.
Historically love this product, but

Historically love this product, but you can't beat your prices on this!

Calleah J.
This was a great juice

This was a great juice - flavor was spot on and very good. I preferred the Custard over the Cinnamon Cream, but both were great.

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