WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Big Bottle Co. Berry Dessert 2 Pack Ejuice Bundle

Big Bottle Co.

Big Bottle Co. Berry Dessert 2 Pack features a two-pack of berry-stuffed desserts that threaten to break your vape taste buds with their warm and fruity deliciousness! Enjoy a freshly baked blueberry cake stuffed with wild blueberries in one cloud, and a sticky sweet jelly donut complete with soft powdered sugar in the other cloud! Dessert never vaped so good, and with a price like this, how can you possibly resist? 

Bottle Size: 240mL (2x120ml) | Ratio: 85/15 | Flavor Type: Dessert

Jelly Donut -  The Hot Donuts sign is on and your mouth is watering at the thought of sweet and freshly baked donuts, pulled fresh from the donut fryer! Indulge in a sinfully sweet donut that comes in a hefty 120mL bottle, perfect for your late night sweet tooth cravings! Farm fresh cream, softened butter, pure cane sugar, and fresh eggs are whipped into a delicious doughy mixture. This spongy dough gets cut and rolled into soft spheres. The donuts get whisked into the oven until they rise to a puffy texture. These semi-baked donuts are then plopped into a fryer of boiling oil and are removed when they turn a warm golden brown. Each donut is rolled in pure cane sugar and stuffed with a heaping helping of sweet raspberry jelly!

And lastly, we have Blueberry Cake. Softened butter, pure cane sugar, and rich Tahitian vanilla come together in a rich and decadent cake batter, sweet and sticky and delicious! Next, a heaping cup of wild blueberries is flung into the batter for a sweet and fruity punch of flavor. This fluffy cake batter gets poured into a cake pan and whisked into the oven where it slowly bakes to a rich and mouthwatering golden brown! The cake is carefully removed from the heat and set on a windowsill to cool, sending delicious tendrils of vapor all throughout the kitchen! Once this masterpiece is fully cooled, a freshly whipped buttercream is lovingly layered across the entire cake. Another handful of wild blueberries is carefully patted on top of the thick buttercream for a fruity twist that you'll taste in the exhale!